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If Money Were No Object

Thanks for all the well wishes! We are very excited, as this is one of the homes I actually got to see in person and has been one of our favorites from the get go.  Going into the inspection there are some things we’re concerned about, mostly the roof and the skylights in the living room.  Dar is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to home stuff and he really hasn’t seen much else that’s worrying him, but we’ll see!

With home ownership almost in sight, naturally I’ve started to renovate the entire thing in my head.  Well, I’ve started telling Darren what absolutely needs to be changed before I move in there in a year.  The master bedroom is HIDEOUS, with gold mirrored closet doors and a carpeted bathroom.  Yup, carpet.  I’ve requested I never see those mirrored doors again, a walk-in closet, and a beautifully updated bathroom that looks something like this:

There isn’t room for a shower and a tub in there, so I think an awesome tiled shower stall would be the perfect upgrade.  My future husband is on the same page as me, which works out nicely since he gets to do most of the work :).  The kitchen however, is my real project, and something that we’re actually going to wait to do until I move out there.  That’s not to say I haven’t already started to obsess about it.  Case in point, this drawing I made yesterday to illustrate my ideas.

We’re going to keep the cabinets, because they are really nice, and either paint them white or stain them a rich Mahogany or Espresso color.  I want to replace the countertops, and the color of those will depend on what we decide to do with the cabinets, I like both of these designs.

Ideally, I would like to rip out the current standard stove, and install a double wall oven, moving the range to the island. We’re still trying to decide if doing that would remove all the eating space on the island or not (I maintain that we just make the island bigger), but the thought of being able to cook two things at once and not bend over a hot oven makes me giddy.  Kind of like this design here:

So yeah, I have some lofty plans for that house, so I suppose I should start saving some money to pay for all these things.   There is no doubt I am my mother’s daughter though, as she has redone every kitchen in every house we’ve ever lived in.  We’re hoping to save a lot by being able to do most of the things ourselves, Darren will obviously be taking care of the painting.  I don’t even think I really get an input on colors, but he is the professional so I trust his opinion.  The kitchen and master however, are MINE.

Off to go look at more pictures of kitchens and bathrooms!

5 Responses

  1. Whenever it comes down to being a homeowner, those are the two places I’d be most anal about, too. The kitchen is like my own play area and the bedroom is meant to be a place of comfort and unwinding. They have to be perfect. No exceptions…

  2. The kitchen was one of the major factors for us when we were home-buying too. Especially if you like to cook/entertain, you have to make sure that it’s something you love or at the least, can work with. And the good thing about the bedroom is you two will really be the only ones that see it for the most part so you can take your time. Unless you plan on having some crazy swingers party, then maybe leave the mirror doors on?

  3. When we buy a house, I’m going to care most about the kitchen and bathrooms too. I think those are the parts of the house that are seen most often by guests as well. I love the picture of the first kitchen you posted. That is exactly what I want for my future home! That bathroom is awesome too! Can’t wait to see what you decide on. So exciting! 🙂

  4. I would like to someday own a condo just so I can make some changes and personalize things a bit. Like my closet, which needs to be massive and amazing with harp players and doves flying out of the windows and stuff.

  5. Funny, my parents have the same cabinets in their kitchen, and I’ve been harassing them to either paint them white, or stain them just like that, but their realtor told them not to. Wtf is that about? Everything else in the kitchen is updated except the cabinets.
    Anyway, I love your kitchen plans. I can’t wait until I have my own kitchen that I can play with.

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