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Short and Sweet

I’m wearing white jeans today, but I have declared it acceptable to wear white before Memorial Day since it’s going to be 82 degrees.  You’re welcome.

I haven’t blogged since Tuesday because I am really boring, and there’s only so many times I want you to have to read “and then I watched TV in bed.”  You’re welcome.

I ate another turkey burger for dinner last night.  I think it was delicious, but I can’t be sure since my senses were already numb from three glasses of wine.  It didn’t stop there.  My head hurts today.

Darren and I talk about nothing but houses these days, and most of those phone calls end with one of us yelling in frustration.  We’re not actually mad at each other, but over the hoops and paper work that comes with buying a house. I am crossing my fingers and toes that this lame ass process is wrapped up by the time he gets here to visit next month.  Counter-offer number FOUR was submitted this morning.  Barf.

I’m meeting my girl Kacy for drinks tonight, because it has been far too long since that has happened.  As I previously mentioned, it’s going to be 83, so those drinks will be had outdoors and probably in great quantity.

Assuming I’m not throwing up tomorrow, there is a 87% chance of me going to see The Hunger Games alone in the middle of the day.  I am so excited.

I have an “engagement” party to attend tomorrow night.  Engagement is in quotes because there will only be females at this party, and there may or may not be the opportunity to purchase things.  For the bedroom.  Ahem.

Happy Weekend!

7 Responses

  1. I also had a turkey burger for dinner last night, which would have no doubt been much more enjoyable had it been washed down with some wine. You girls have fun tonight, can’t wait until we all get to hit the town together in a couple weeks!

  2. I wear white jeans all year – cords when cooler, denim when warmer. It’s the white shoes that are tacky any time of year.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Have fun with Kacy!

  4. Ummmm . . . 83? We just started getting sunshine instead of snow. I’m really jealous of you right now.

  5. Had a blast last night! Today is one of those mornings where I’m shocked to not be hung over because I went home had the majority of that cheap bottle of pinot we drunkenly purchased. Now I get to pack all day. Yay.

  6. I’ve been trying to find a pair of white pants that don’t look ridiculous on me. Most do. You’ll have to tell me your secret! haha

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