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This Process Sucks

Y’all wanna hear a funny story? I think I forgot to mention it on Friday, but Dar and I submitted our first offer on our THIRD house that afternoon and we heard back from the sellers last night.  Their counter-offer was… amusing.  Not only did they barely come down from their list price (which was way too high for what they’re selling and leaves us 20k apart) but they wanted some bizarro stipulation that we agree to buy the house even if the inspection turns something up. Um, no.  Needless to say, we are countering their counter by raising our offer slightly and agreeing to most of their crazy conditions, except the inspection one.  We’ll see what happens. Also, house buying sucks.

Anyway, for a Monday, yesterday absolutely flew by and before I knew it I was heading out of the office for yoga.  It was once again lovely, even the part where my feet slipped causing me to fall much deeper into a pose than I intended.  That one only stung for a minute.

Since it has felt like early summer here in VA for the past two weeks, I have wanted meals that usually don’t appear until much later in the season.  Last night it was turkey burgers and roasted zucchini; yeah it pretty much looked exactly like this meal.  I also added some Panko breadcrumbs to the mixture to hold everything together.

I didn’t exactly use our grill, the whole charcoal thing is a pain, but I did break out our griddle thingy and it worked just fine.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in my bedroom watching TV and hunting spiders.  A few weeks ago, just as I turned off my light, Pumpkin launched herself at my wall.  I looked over, saw something scurry across it, and immediately turned on my light and was encountered with a GIANT black spider.  I killed the mother effer immediately, but then couldn’t fall asleep, because ya know, spiders.  Last night the same thing happened.  These things are seriously disgustingly huge.  If I see one more, I’m moving.

Happy first day of Spring!


8 Responses

  1. I think we made at least 10 offers before we got our first house. It just takes a while to figure out and so many factors are out of your hands. The right place will find you.

  2. omg I was just bitching this morning about how the spiders are back!!! I ninja kicked one on my wall on my way out of my bedroom this am, it was horrific.
    Hang in there girl, the right house will find you!

  3. My roommate screamed bloody murder last night when she spotted her first spider of the season. She managed to kill it herself, but I was the one who had to walk downstairs to help her dispose of it. It’s going to be a long summer.

  4. Oh the spiders – I usually get crazy big suckers, but I haven’t seen any for quite awhile. Not that Im complaining. But the bigger they are, the harder it is for me to kill them. I dont know what it is, but I just feel too guilty. I always wind up trapping them under a cup and taking them to the foresty area across the street.

  5. That is crazy…wanting you to take the house despite what an inspection shows…it makes me think something it wrong with the house??

  6. Is that even legal for them to ask of you? Good luck!

  7. I think I got lucky in my first home buying experience. I was looking for a “diamond in the rough” and put a low offer in on the house and got it without any counter! It was a LOT of work to fix up..but WELLLLLLL worth it!

  8. I had some other comments, but then I read the spider thing and my mind has gone to a dark place. Shudder. I am glad you have pumpkin to defend you.

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