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Yesterday it was fan-fucking-tastic outside.  Today, we’re apparently going to break records with the temperatures and with a high of 76 for our Saturday St. Patty’s party I couldn’t be happier.  Around noon yesterday, I dragged my stuffy and coughing self, along with my laptop and lunch outside to some picnic tables located relatively close to the building and prayed the wireless would reach.  It did, and I spent the next two hours outside working, while simultaneously wishing my laptop battery would last forever.  I’m pretty sure the backs of my shoulders got some color, and the sun definitely made me feel less like I was dying.  One more pic of yesterday’s colorful ensemble.

gratuitous picture of my outfit Thursday

As you can see above, I’m in the gym locker room, which means I did some measly workout yesterday.  Holy god are my legs sore from a combo of yoga and the strength class.  I suffered through 40 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill before driving home with my sunroof and windows wide open.

So, on Tuesday night I went grocery shopping post work and work-out which meant I was absolutely starving once I got there.  This usually bodes horribly for both my credit card and nutrition because I impulsively throw things like three frozen pizzas, bags of chips and other junk into my shopping cart.  I exercised a good amount of restraint this week and only bought one frozen pizza, and a bag of cheddar and sour cream Cape Cod chips, but somehow this also found its way into my goods.

Um, say what?  It looked easy and convenient, much like my guy roommate I once dated in college, and so when I arrived home last night I used it on some chicken.  Luckily this impulse buy ended much better than that relationship and my chicken was delicious.  Although I didn’t end up using all the mixture, so if I end up buying this again I probably won’t dump the chicken in the bag but sprinkle some on a plate to preserve the rest.

With a side of ravioli and peas for a well-rounded carby and delicious meal.  I rounded out my evening by having anxiety attacks during One Tree Hill and laughing  my ass off at Happy Endings.  If you’re not watching OTH this season, you should be.

Also, I’m actually going to a real doctor today.  If he can’t help me I’m calling it quits and giving up on the prospect of ever feeling better again. Happy Thursday, we’ve almost made it.

3 Responses

  1. I want that dinner!

  2. I haven’t watched Happy Endings yet. Saved it on dvr…

  3. I don’t watch Happy Endings, but the one chick on there annoys the fuck out of me so I don’t think I can. You know I’m with you on OTH though 🙂 I’ve missed our text-chats the last two weeks, I promise I’ll get on board here soon!!

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