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Insert Clever Title Here

Mmmmmk so, judging by the extreme lack of traffic this morning me thinks there are a good number of people playing “72 degree weather” hookie today. Lucky them.  I’m at work, but oh well what are ya gonna do.

No news about the house yet, the house buying gods are against us and do not want us to get one it seems.  The more I watch shows like Property Virgins and House Hunters the angrier I get (yes I know they’re fake) because NO ONE hears back about their offer on a property within hours of making it.  It’s a load of bull if you ask me.  I’m just ready for this stressful process to be over.

I’m still making a strong comeback in the gym this week and was able to work off some of that stress by doing some more cardio yesterday.  40 minutes on the elliptical (while getting angry at HGTV) and 20 minutes on the treadmill, I even ran for the last 5, followed by some stretching and planks.  I still feel like a blimp, but hopefully after a few more weeks like this I’ll be feeling back to normal.

Darren’s birthday is on Sunday, and for it I got him a racing wheel controller and Need for Speed video game for his XBOX, because apparently 28 is the new 8.  The wheel arrived at his house yesterday and he is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the game because “This wheel is soooo cool and shiny!” Yes, actual words said.

My mom, sister, and two aunt’s are coming to visit this weekend, and umm I have no idea what to do with them. If only it were going to be this nice on Saturday :(.  So far my only two thoughts are walk around Georgetown and eat and shop, or walk around the Mall/Monument area and eat.  I suck.

Also, I thought today was Friday for a while, realizing it wasn’t also sucked,  but I think I’m going to ask to leave a few hours early tomorrow so that should be nice.  Anyway, bye.

7 Responses

  1. The good thing about having family visit is that you don’t have to impress them. I’m willing to bet anything you decide to do will be fine.

    Also, what is it with grown men and video games? My ex boyfriend used to complain that he never had any time to get anything done, but managed to play a couple hours of video games every night. I like mario. That’s it. Everything else is too complicated.

  2. “anyway, bye” hahaha I love you.
    And dude. I hate to break it to you but “man at any age with an xbox” is the new 8. I fear if we have sons they will fight over that shit well into B’s 60’s.

  3. Georgetown is always fun. it’s what the famous people do. That gets my vote.

  4. I’ve been a day ahead all week, too. Don’t know how it happened, but I dont’ appreciate it.

    Boys and their games. It’s so ridiculous it’s adorable.

  5. Hahaha 28 is the new 8. Which makes sense, judging by the fact that my netflix queue continues to be filled up with cartoons, thanks to my 25 year old boyfriend. Ha.

    Have fun with your family this weekend!

  6. Yeah, those shows would probably aggravate me, too if I was waiting to hear back on an offer! I hope you have some good weather this weekend- definitely makes entertaining people easier!

  7. Keith’s birthday is at the end of the month. Why is so hard to shop for boyfriends or husbands. I am so stumped as to what to get him and he is absolutely no help! He just says don’t spend money on me. Puh-lease like I wouldn’t get him anything.

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