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Spoiled Rotten

I made it to lunch time spin class yesterday, and it felt great! Ok, it actually felt horrible, but the good horrible.  My legs and lungs were burning (lungs was probably a combo of being out of cardio shape and the crap residing in my bronchial tubes) and the 45 minute sweat fest was just what I needed.  However, after almost a year without a spin class in my life, certain lady parts are feeling it today. Wah.

The rest of the work day was rather uneventful and I managed to convince myself to hit the grocery store at the end of the day so I could stop spending $10 on cafeteria lunches.  The grocery store at 5:30 on weeknights always has the potential to send me into a murderous rage, but people must have been home drinking away their Tuesday sorrows because it was surprisingly empty.  I stocked up on meal supplies for the rest of the week, and even managed to avoid buying any wine!  I’m trying to hop back on the “no drinking during the week” bandwagon. It’s really difficult when the alcohol is sold in your grocery store.

When I finally got home I was greeted with two giant packages sitting on my front porch, unfortunately neither were for me.  Pumpkin however, did get a special delivery.  She’s on the verge of becoming one of the world’s most spoiled pets.  A $50 drinking fountain with filtered water?  You better like it, cat.

Oh, she also was upgraded to Fancy Feast food, and at $.75 a can she better enjoy it.  Oh the things we do for our animals.  Dinner for me last night was one of my favorites, and surprisingly something I don’t think I’ve made since living in VA.  Actually, I’m pretty positive I haven’t made it because I did not have a bottle of Marsala cooking wine in my pantry.  Chicken Marsala with a side of Broccoli Au Gratin Rice.  That shit is good, cheesy broccoli rice, yum.  Then I went to bed at 9:50 because I am sick, and tired, and old.

Happy Wednesday kids, today was deadline on our house offer so we should hear something back!  The listing agent told our agent we were the only offer (probably because they are messy slobs) so hopefully they are willing to negotiate their price (which was absurd anyway) and work with us! Later gators!

6 Responses

  1. I need to stop with the weekly drinking too, but Tom has recently gotten into pairing wine with our dinners and how can I say no to a glass? Sigh.

  2. Since I gave up white wine for Lent, the not drinking during the week thing has been a little easier. Having said that, I am getting a bottle of red on the way home from work tonight fo. sho.
    And we don’t have kids yet, so it’s totally acceptable to spoil our pets.

  3. Oh the grocery store at 5:30pm is a nightmare!! I make every excuse I can not to go after work.

  4. Good luck on offer number 2!

    And I avoid the grocery store after work at all cost. I either go in the morning before work (so empty- try it) or later on in the night. Because I will most definitely kill someone in that hour or so after work….

  5. haha pets are supposed to be spoiled. I totally get it. Lexie’s food costs $80 a bag. Apparently it’s good too, because my boss’s dog thinks its treats when I give it to him. 🙂
    I wish they sold wine in grocery stores here. We can only buy booze at booze stores here. I still get excited when I go to the States and see wine at Target, or the gas station. I’m so jealous of that.

  6. Cheesy broccoli rice deliciousness sounds amazing right now.

    Can I come live with your cats? It sounds like they’re living the high life 😉 hehe

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you and the house!

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