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Obligatory Happy Friday Post

Heeeeyo, happy Friday! Thank god for the weekend because if your week has been anything like mine and my other lady friends, it’s been trying to kill you.  Remember how I got three types of medicine for my diseased lungs?  Well, the one I’m supposed to take during the day for my coughing made me feel like I’d had 17 too many vodka and sodas.  Full on room spinning dizziness and nausea.  I was walking around work with my arms out to my sides to keep my balance.  It. Was.  AWFUL.

I got home and laid down to see if it helped, but nope, I forgot that laying down only increases the room spinning effect and brings on the “omg I’m going to vom everywhere feeling”.  Needless to say I have not taken the medicine since, simply been sticking to my codeine laden cough medicine and inhaler at night.  Fun stuff friends, fun stuff.

After work tonight, the roommates and I are hopping in the car and road tripping up to Long Island for one of our very best friend’s bridal showers!  I’m driving, which means I’ll need an afternoon coffee to keep me awake and alert for the 5 hour drive.  I told the roommates if they didn’t want to listen to the country station on Pandora the whole way that they better come prepared with playlists.

Dar is going to look at six houses today, so let’s keep our fingers crossed he likes one enough for us to put an offer on.  He has strict instructions that if he does like something enough I require extensive photos and video footage of the house.  One of the downfalls of me not being able to go look with him.  If he doesn’t like anything very much, we’ve pretty much decided to put an offer on one I did see.  So hopefully things go well this weekend!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

5 Responses

  1. Fingers crossed he finds a winner! And safe trip to LI lady xo

  2. Be safe on your trip!

    And I wish D the best of luck. Mostly for your sake. And mine. Because I want a kick ass guest room.

  3. Yah. I’m so glad this week is over. Its been crazy.

    Hopefully he finds a house. House hunting is so stressful, the sooner its over the better.

  4. Safe travels! And good luck with the virtual house hunting. My fingers are crossed for you!

  5. Exciting news about the house hunting progress- hope he finds something good! Feel better and drive safely!

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