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A Little Common Sense Please!

So, funny story that really just highlights the differences between men and women.

Darren is a really outgoing, talkative and friendly guy (if you know him IRL, you’re probably laughing right now) when it comes to strangers and his clients.  When it comes to friends and people he knows well, not so much, but because of his jovial attitude when he’s painting people’s houses he gets a lot of things for free.

Just two examples of this are a huge flat screen TV and an almost new king size mattress.  Seeing as he has no place of his own yet (omg if we don’t hear today I may die) he tends to stockpile these gifts in the storage unit he keeps.  As two large sized people who enjoy sprawling out while sleeping, we have grand plans for that king size mattress for when we do own a house and live together.  Both of us currently sleep on queens that will be used in guest bedrooms.

Anyway, we were talking about said mattress the other day, and I mentioned something about it and having it wrapped in plastic, because obviously if it is in STORAGE you have it wrapped up.  Dar looked at me funny for a second, and then goes “Well, I have it sitting on a couch, so it’s not on the ground.”  I think my jaw hit the table it dropped so fast.

Once I regained my composure I said, “Well that’s great hunny, because last I heard bugs and mice couldn’t climb up onto couches!  They strictly stick to the ground.”  And then of course my mind went crazy with thoughts of all the things that are now probably living in our future mattress.  Darren then tried to assure me that it was a steel box, the walls and doors go completely to the ground, and there was no way there were bugs or mice or anything.  Yup, because he doesn’t stand there loading and unloading things into the storage unit periodically.

Needless to say, Darren has agreed to make a trip to his storage unit, inspect the mattress, and wrap it completely in plastic.  Men.  Seriously.



7 Responses

  1. Oh lord. What if something did get at it? How do you sanitize a mattress? I guess its a good thing you’re going to cover it with sheets eh?

  2. I’d still shampoo that shit. Along with the couch… lol

  3. Brandon actually is much better with common sense than I am. I am kind of an airhead when it comes to that stuff, but I will whoop some serious ass at Jeopardy and Trivial Pursuit. And Brandon gets swag a lot too from being a painter, last cool thing he got was surround sound for the basement/man cave.
    Glad to hear that he’s wrapping that thing up though, definitely not the most sanitary situation in that storage unit I’m sure.

  4. Hahaha. Good thing you brought it up.

  5. Hahaha that’s SUCH a guy thing!!!

  6. I commend Darren for not initially wrapping it, and then doing it when told to. Smart man on both accounts.

  7. LOL! Oh, I hope he doesn’t find any “friends” that have burrowed into the mattresses!

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