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Still no news… hopefully today before I actually have a nervous breakdown.

So, at what point do I need to seek medical attention for this disgusting cough I have going on?  It’s been hanging out for about two weeks, and has not improved at all.  In fact, I think its gotten worse, as I spend a good 30 minutes each morning coughing up phlegm.  (Sorry if that’s a gross over share).  Also, my nose is now stuffy and congested with the same gross stuff.  I really hate the doctor though, especially if they tell me there is nothing they can do.  That really infuriates me.

LiveFit has about 2 weeks left to prove to me that it is working before I completely abandon it.  My pants are tighter than ever, and while I appreciate the added muscle to my ass and thighs, there’s no way in hell I’m buying new pants.  I did just start phase two and get back from 5 days of no work-outs and eating whatever I want, so it gets a few more days to prove itself.  Otherwise, I’m jumping ship.

I had visions of future married life the other night when I wanted to watch Khloe and Lamar and Darren would have rather killed himself.  We compromised.

He got to play his video game, and I got to watch my show, all while still hanging out together.  I can deal with that.  He even pretended to listen when I was talking to him, despite the noise cancelling headphones.  I tried to play one game, and was killed multiple times within the 3 minutes the controller was in my hand.  I think I’ll stick with Super Mario or Sonic thank you very much.

Having Monday’s off from work always confuses me, but I am in no way complaining that it’s already Wednesday, and next week is March.  Seriously, when the hell did that happen?  Alright, I’m outa here to stare at my phone and will it to ring with good news.  Have a great day!

8 Responses

  1. I saw on a commercial that its not normal to have a cough for over three weeks. So if you’re only at two, I guess you have a week to get to the doctor? That’s my best guess at least.
    I don’t understand why guys love these killing games so much. They’re so complicated, and I can hardly get through Super Mario.

  2. I went to the doc a week into a sinus infection, and she said to come back in two if it was still there – so 3 weeks total. Anything that lasts less than than is probably viral and there’s not a damn thing they can give you.

    Sorry livefit isn’t working…that’s one reason I didnt want to do it. Maybe add more cardio? Low intensity though so you’re burning fat. There’s options for that on the machines that monitor your heart rate so you don’t elevate it too much. Apparantly low and slow is the way to lose fat. Walking is a good way to do it. Did you know I’m a trainer now? haha. I swear I make half this shit up.

  3. Do you read Meals and Moves blog (janeetha) – She had pretty good results with the livefit. I’m interested in it, but #1 I don’t have a gym membership #2 I can’t stick with a plan for 12 weeks.

    You pretty much described my married life except my husband reads boat forums & i watch netflix..but we at least sit on the couch together =) ha

  4. Mario Kart is my jam. I also used to rule the original Halo on xbox, but being as how I think they’re on Halo 3 or 4, I really can’t claim it anymore… lol

    Feel better, boo. 😦

  5. Haha, I’ve already warped Tom over to many of my shows. But we’ll have two TVs in the new place, so hopefully that will solve any potential issues.
    It sounds like you may have a sinus infection, which is def something to go for the dr. for so you can get on antibiotics and get over it. That’s actually one of the only times I go.

  6. Brandon always tried to get me to play Halo and shit, but I’m awful. I don’t like all the buttons on the xBox controller, there are too many choices! I do kick ass at Mortal Combat though, but only if I am certain characters.
    And this is why we had to have a finished basement- nobody is going to stand in the way of me and my trash tv.

  7. Haha, sometimes I think it’s better NOT to make them watch your shows with you. It gets annoying hearing, “jeez, these women are so dumb!” (re: Real Housewives) and “how do you watch this?” over and over. 🙂 Hey, if you have a Vitamin Shoppe (or something similar) near you, go pick up some Olive Leaf Nasal Spray (the brand I use is Seagate) and/or Throat Spray. I spray it anytime I feel phlegmy and it works really well!

  8. Huh…I might go to the doctor is you are still feeling that bad. Althogh I am a BIG believer in Mucinex…that stuff works miracles on me!

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