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My New Way to Pack

In exactly one week, I’ll be heading out to the Mid-West for a long 4 day weekend with my boo.  That means, I should probably start packing this weekend.  Or at least do my laundry, so that all my clothes are clean to pack.  With the first three days of weather looking like this;

I’ll probably be packing my warmest sweaters, and giant puffy North Face jacket that Darren wants to burn when I’m not paying attention.  I’m a visual packer though, so I need to see what my outfits will look like once put together, or I end up bringing 15 pairs of shoes, 7 pairs of pants, and 37 tops, for four days.  I need to make sure I won’t hate it when I pull it out of my suitcase.  Luckily for me, I discovered I can pull into Polyvore actual clothing items that I own, and make up outfits.  I have two put together so far, and I for-see a lot more outfit creations in my future.

For example, here’s what I’ve picked out for our dinner and a movie date to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

No, my actual black booties are not Loubs, but you get the idea

That peach blouse may get switched with a newly acquired purple silk blouse, but we’ll see.  Ok, I’ll probably pack both, who are we kidding.  And, if  there happens to be snow in the forecast, this outfit will do nicely for schlepping around outdoors looking at houses.

I suspect this will help me with my over packing problem immensely, and it’s kind of fun!  Anyway, moving on.  After taking last week off to recover from my muscle injury in my back, I hopped right back into week 4 of Phase 1 this week.  You would think my muscles would remember the workouts after only a week off, but no, I am just as sore as I was in the beginning.  Especially in the chest area, why do push-ups never get easier?  I’m excited to start Phase 2 next week, but my lady friends who just started Phase 3 are kind of scaring the crap out of me.  Their workouts sound awful.

Alright, I’m off to go look at houses online, and create more outfits on Polyvore!  Happy Thursday!

7 Responses

  1. I’m the worlds worst packer. I usually bring my entire closet regardless of how long I’m gone for. Then I end up wearing nothing but yoga pants the whole time.

  2. Such a great idea to use Polyvore to pack! You little smarty… and I majorly failed at push ups last night. I could only do the first set regular and had to drop to my knees for the last two. Waah.

  3. So cute!!!! You’re a smart packer. I usually just kind of throw stuff in a suitcase, and then regret it when I can’t put together a decent outfit. You’d think I’d learn my lesson but I never do…

  4. That’s really cool! I love both outfits! I need a pair of skinny pants that hit at the ankle, but aren’t crops so I can wear them with my ankle boots with that weird bunchy look. I’ve also decided I want a pair of skinny crops in an obnoxiously bright color. I shouldn’t buy anything though. Sigh.

  5. OMG that does look like fun – it reminds me of Clueless, haha. And I’m sure I’ve said this before but I adore making packing lists and usually do so months in advance. I usually pack way too much though; 2-3 outfits per day (for a cruise, for instance, I need a pool outfit, a day outfit, and a night outfit). I love all the clothes and would like to raid your closet. If you ever want to get rid of anything please holler at me.

  6. You are about 500x more organized at packing than me. I tend to just bring things that are fairly neutral when I go on trips so that I won’t clash no matter what. Not sure if it actually works, but no one has told me I look ridiculous, so I’m not about to change my ways. 🙂

  7. I don’t know where I’ve been but I don’t think I knew you were doing LiveFit! That’s amazing and I’m proud of you 🙂 You’ll love it! It works!

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