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I’m super cranky, sleep deprived, and kind of pissed off today. So how’s that of a Friday mood?  I’m almost positive I somehow managed to tear/strain a muscle on the right side of my back this week, which is what is contributing to the crankiness and my sleep deprivation. I sleep on my right side usually, and since I can’t do that without feeling like someone is stabbing me, I tried to sleep on my back.  It didn’t work well.  I also can’t really move, and the swelling and pain is pretty uncomfortable.  Yayzies.

Instead of continuing to whine and complain, I’m just going to leave  you with this.  My roommate, Danielle, sent it out yesterday and it made me laugh.

So true.  The end. Happy Friday.


10 Responses

  1. Oh no, torn/strained muscles are a bastard, I’d be in a bad mood too. I hope it heals soon.

  2. turn that frown upside down, this time next week I’ll be on my way to you! Yayzies

  3. It’s funny because it’s true.
    Hope your back feels better soon!

  4. Orrrr is the dream to find a guy who doesn’t care if you get fat? Or even better – one who prefers you that way? Seems like the best of both worlds…

  5. I would like to needlepoint that into a pillow.

    Sorry if I passed my “mood” on. It’s like the flu- highly contagious and not in a good way.

  6. Yep. So true.

  7. HAHAHAHA oh my gosh I burst out laughing at my desk when I read that. SO. Freaking. True.

    I’m sorry about your back! I hope it feels better soon!

  8. Haha, so true, so true. Hope your back feels better soon!

  9. So stinkin true!!! Hope the day got better for you!! 🙂

  10. Haha, totally true. Feel better soon.

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