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My Legs, they’re Broken

You guys, my butt and hamstrings, ouch.  I am hobbling around like no other today, and it’s for sure a flats kind of day.  Yesterday was day 15 of LiveFit, and I’m blaming this little move for my pain today.


Between trying to balance on one leg, and actually do the move correctly, I was struggling.  You would think I’d have better balance after doing gymnastics for so many years.  Anyway, I almost cried getting out of bed this morning, but good news there’s more leg work on Thursday!

So remember that tray of chocolate deliciousness I baked last Thursday?  Well does anyone want to come over and take them away from me, because I can’t stop eating them.  It’s bad, I’m pretty sure I ate anywhere between 7-10 brownies over the weekend, and today it’s no wonder my pants feel tighter than last week. (we’re just going to pretend it’s because I’m pre-period bloated).  If I don’t get myself under control, Darren’s going to wonder who the 400lb woman is who must have eaten his girlfriend, when he picks me up from the airport in three weeks.

Let’s see, what else… OH! I watched the cutest movie yesterday, Secretariat.  If you don’t find movies about animals adorable, you won’t like it.  This one is about a race horse, and I kind of loved it.  It was one of those movies that left me with a goofy smile on my face the whole time I was watching it.  Also, I would now like a horse.

Well, it’s Tuesday and I have a meeting in 30 minutes, followed by another meeting, so today is going to blow.  Anyway, hope y’all have a good one!


9 Responses

  1. Yah, that’s exactly why I don’t bake very often. I can’t control myself. It seems to be getting worse in my old age too. Last time I made blondies they we’re gone in three days. I’m only one person, that shouldn’t happen.

  2. This probably sounds weird, but I couldn’t stop crying when I watched Secretariat. Nothing triggers the waterworks for me like that horse. I’m assuming it’s because I was obsessed with him as a kid (I rode and showed horses as a wee lass, they were kinda my thing anyway) and watched this ESPN documentary video about him over and over. The end of it features that “Right Here Waiting” song and omg. Tears every time. As an adult, Secretariat is like my food bell if I were one of Pavlov’s dogs, except I salivate through my eyes in the form of excessive crying.

    It’s really weird and awkward. I teared up just typing this reply on my iPhone for absolutely NO REASON other than the fact Secretariat was mentioned.

  3. Is that livefit working? I looked into it yesterday and felt “meh” about it. Although that particular move scared the bejeezus out of me.

    #1 way to indulge in baking and then rid yourself of it- take the leftovers to work and let it in the breakroom. Get “brownie” hhaha points with coworkers, get to play in kitchen, get to get rid of the rest.

  4. I’ve tried those deadlifs! And as a former amateur gymnast myself (how’s that for a title?) I thought I’d be better at it too!!! haha

    I hope those sore legs feel better soon! And everyone needs some brownie goodness now and then 😉

  5. I love and hate those dead lifts all at the same time, and totally remember that it hurt to sit down to pee the next day after I did them the first time. But just think, your booty is going to be so perky when you’re done! And for God’s sakes, THROW THOSE CRACK BROWNIES AWAY!!

  6. he he he… I honestly must say you’re a better person than me with the brownies. I would have taken them to work yesterday already because I have no control and they would have been gone otherwise. Yes, like the whole pan. Don’t think I wouldn’t do it… lol

  7. That’s exactly why I can’t be trusted to bake. I’m not good about the whole “oh, I’ll just take most of it to work so that I don’t eat all of it” thing. I worked hard at those and I waaaant them! It’s pretty pathetic.

  8. Those one legged deadlifts always get me. No matter how many times I’ve done them before, they always kill. I did legs today and have to do them again Thursday. Awesome.

  9. I love one legged deadlifts because they make me really sore and I love to feel the results of my efforts!

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