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It was an emergency

Late yesterday afternoon while sitting at my desk, I was hit with the chocolate craving to end all chocolate cravings.  You all know me well enough by now to know this is unusual, as I typically would much rather take a bag of potato chips to the face than eat a cookie.  It’s not even that time of the month!  Anyway, since all I could think about was chocolate, dipped in chocolate, and then rolled in more chocolate, I figured it was a craving that HAD to be satisfied.  After one mention of my desperation, I was directed toward Picky Palate where I perused the various recipes for bars and brownies.

When I saw a link for Gooey Cookies and Cream Double Chocolate Cake Bars, I died and fell out of my chair.  A few clicks later, the recipe was printed, in my purse, and I was bolting out of work to the grocery store.  By 5:30 I was in my kitchen, apron on, and elbow deep in butter and Devils Food Cake Mix.  Yes, I made these before I even made dinner, priorities people.  It was a long 26 minutes while the baked.

I did manage to stuff a turkey sandwich down my gullet while waiting for these babies, but once they were out of the oven all bets were off.  I didn’t even wait for them to cool fully before I scooped some out with a spoon.  (Yeah, mine are no where near as bar like as the pictures on the recipe, but whatever they’re still awesome).  They are gooey and chocolaty, and just overall amazing.  It’s going to take all my willpower to not eat the entire tray tonight.  Chocolate craving satisfied, for now.

Thankfully I managed to do all 4 workouts in week two phase one this week, so I didn’t feel too bad for indulging.  You know what I think is weird that I noticed yesterday?  My left shoulder is significantly stronger than my right, and I’m right handed.  Although I am left handed when it comes to some things, like playing pool, weird I know.  Just a fun fact for you guys on this Friday.

This weekend will hopefully hold some snow, although I think we’re just supposed to get freezing rain, stupid, crafting, and a “date” with Darren.  We’re thinking about being all corny and watching a movie together while Skyping.  Yup.  I also want to make a Valentine’s Day wreath I saw on Pinterest.  I filed my taxes this morning, now here’s to hoping the gov gives me back some money in a timely fashion. Happy Weekend!

9 Responses

  1. Ummm those bars look amazing. Now I want some too.

  2. I’m usually more of a salty snacks type person too instead of a sweet fiend, but when I have my cravings, they MUST be satisfied. I can totally see how this would be necessary. 😉

  3. Is it strange that the word “gullet” totally weirds me out?

    Anyway- holy hell, Kelly. Those look amazing. Picky Palate knows her shit.

  4. I want to faceplant that tray of goodness, and I’m not a chocolate-craver either but holy shitballs.
    And I think it’s cute that you guys will skype a date night, gotta keep the romance alive!
    Can’t wait to see your Valentine’s wreath, I’ve got one planned for spring, but the snowball one is staying until well into March.

  5. I can’t believe you’re done with your taxes already. You’re on the ball.
    The brownies sound awesome. I’m working my way through a package of store bought red velvet cookies right now.

  6. I’ve noticed this about myself…I think my excuse is carrying my daughter with my left arm to keep my right arm free. Maybe you do the same things while carrying groceries and things but just didn’t realize it.

  7. I’m impressed, you got your taxes out FAST! You must’ve been channeling my convo with Amy last night- we talked about chocolate for at least 20 minutes and gave me a massive craving. And now you’ve just brought it back with those bars.

  8. I looovvveee that recipe. But the white chocolate smores are even better. I realize that doesn’t help much with a chocolate craving, but I’mjustsayin.

  9. It is going to take all of my willpower not to pick up the ingredients for these on the way home from work today… I mean, I have banana bread at home. I must eat that first… but ho.ly.crap. I’ll be dreaming about these bars until I make them!

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