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You mean, there’s a world outside my house?

So this weekend I did a lot of nothing.  Well, I cooked a few things, but other than that I did a lot of nothing.  Friday after work I went to happy hour with a few of my co-workers, and then found myself slightly buzzed in the grocery store at 9 pm at night.  Thank god for my list and budget, otherwise who knows what would have happened.  Actually I know, I would have ended up with 7 frozen pizzas and a bag of cheez puffs.  Luckily, that did not happen.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like complete death.  I’m blaming a 24 hour bug, because unless I all of a sudden lost all of my tolerance, there is no was 2 beers and 1 glass of wine would cause me to barf three times in three hours.  So yeah, after the third barfing occurrence I popped a Phenegran and passed out until 5 pm at night.  Apparently it was almost 70 degrees on Saturday, but I wouldn’t know since I was comatose in my bed.  Oh well, I’m still hoping for a giant snow storm at one point this winter.

Sunday I woke up feeling much better, and managed to drag myself out of bed to do something with all the food I bought on Friday night.  First up was something I’d seen in multiple places recently, and struck my interest while also looking delicious.

egg cups!

So simple!  All I did was place two pieces of deli ham in my cupcake tray (sprayed with non-stick spray) drop in two mozzarella balls, crack an egg, and season with pepper and seasoned salt.  I cooked them for 15 min, which was a tad too long, at 375 and they were still amazing.  If you like your yolk a little runnier I suggest 10-12 minutes.

While my breakfast was cooking, I got to preparing my dinner in the crock pot.  Jess posted this recipe last week, and the second I saw it I knew it was for me.  Things I did not add, Mexican oregano, cilantro (gross), corn (because I forgot), and black beans because I couldn’t find a bag of frozen veggies that had some.  It was good, but a little bland, which I suspect is my fault for omitting some key ingredients.  I remember to throw the corn in after my dinner last night, so tonight’s will at least have that.  I’ll definitely make this again, but probably use a pack of taco seasoning, and maybe some hot sauce.

Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Chili

Other than that I watched a lot of TV.  The whole first season of Homeland (awesome) some One Tree Hill, and yesterday mostly football.  Then last night I had a dream that I had a Theology test today after only going to one class the entire year so far.  Talk about dream panic.  Luckily I woke up and remembered I graduated college almost 5 years ago and there are no tests to take today.  Phew.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and that Monday doesn’t suck too much.

8 Responses

  1. I saw those egg cups on pinterest and I’ve been dying to make them. They look so freaking good.

  2. Has it really been 5 years since undergrad?

    Excuse me while I go cry in the closet for an hour or two…

  3. Those egg cups looks awesome. I am going to make those soon! It nasty here today…rainy in the 50’s. The ONLY good thing about rainy Mondays is it makes me more productive with work since I don’t wish to be outside.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I’ve made egg cups before but never thought about putting ham at the bottom. I’ll have to try that one. Thanks!

  5. I made egg cups last night too but did not put ham on the bottom, nor did I remember to spray the muffin cups with oil so they are really pleasant to unwrap, let me tell you.
    And sorry the chili didn’t turn out as good as you’d hoped- I think the Mexican oregano adds a ton of flavor, plus you can always amp up the cumin if you need a little more punch. Oh and add sriracha!

  6. I always have the same dream that it’s the end of the year and I realize there’s one class I’ve forgotten to go to all semester. So I go in and try to fake the final on the last day. I’ll probably keep having that dream until I die.

  7. I didn’t leave my house Saturday either. I wish I could have seen the nice weather. But yay for you – it’s snowing!

  8. Phenegran? What is this magic pill? I’ve never heard of it but if it stops stomach issues I want it I want it! haha.

    It is an actual pill right? Not some other thing I’m too lame to know about?

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