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Thanks everyone for your input yesterday, I got 2 “no’s” and 8 “yes’ ” regarding the bangs dilemma so we’ll see what I go with this afternoon.  It’s going to be a game time decision.  And yes, I realize how absolutely ridiculous and self-absorbed this discussion is.

So I mentioned earlier that I was gifted with a J. Crew gift card for Christmas, and took advantage of their post-Christmas sales, and additional post-Christmas 25% off and did some online shopping Monday night.  My order arrived yesterday and I loveeeeee everything.

All of this ended up costing me only $32. That top right sweater is a pale pink, not sure why it looks white.  I’d like to thank them for including a matching silk cami to go with that blouse, because it’s incredibly sheer.  Also, I think I officially need to join J. Crew-ics Anonymous.  They have that right?

Another post-Christmas purchase arrived yesterday also.  Over the course of 2011 I was using iPhoto to make a 2012 calendar, with March 2011 photos for the March 2012 page, etc.  I finally finished up the month of December after Christmas and am thrilled with the result.  The calendar looks beautiful, and the photos look like high quality prints.

Dec 2012 page = Dec 2011 events

I think it will be fun to flip through each month and remember what I was doing during that month last year, but then I’m a geek who enjoys things like that.  I’m done spending money now.

After work I managed to make it to the gym for a workout that included a 15 minute warm-up on the ARC trainer, followed by a back and chest lifting session.  I can’t tell you the last time I did a bench press, so my chest is feeling it today.  Then I cancelled out the entire workout by stopping at Baja Fresh on the way home and getting a burrito.  I don’t even really like burritos, but I couldn’t stop thinking about one.  We’ll just blame that on a certain monthly visitor making an appearance later this week.

Anywho, happy almost Friday!  We’re almost through the first week back after the holidays!  You can do it!

8 Responses

  1. One of the sweaters I got from the outlet is the same as the pale pink one, just more of a silver grey 🙂
    Good taste, my dear.
    And a burrito is ALWAYS a good idea. Always.

  2. Cute photo book. I had someone make me one for Christmas last year and I loved it! That’s a great idea to make as a gift to remember what you guys were doing a year before!

  3. Now I want a burrito.
    Love all the clothes, especially the frilly blouse.

  4. I love that calendar. Such a good idea – I keep meaning to do something like that, but I’m kind of lazy that way. 🙂

  5. I always have the greatest of ideas to do a calendar like that for my besties or family. But then it’s all the sudden the middle of December and I have no time.

    I’m glad yours turned out! You’re gonna have to get on me about better time management…

  6. I love the peach shirt with the tie! Classy! I’ve always wanted to make a calendar like that but lose my patience by February 😦

  7. I really hope you get bangs!!! 🙂

  8. I love love those tops!!! I have a clothes problem too. As in, I don’t have enough hangers for my clothes. And I’m too lazy and cheap to go spend money on hangers.. it’s quite a problem.

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