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Now What?

Now that Christmas and the vacation I was looking forward to since February are over, it’s kind of like, now what.  What can I possibly look forward to now, except two months of cold weather in January and February?  Well, for one, Darren arrives Friday afternoon to celebrate NYE with me again.  If you recall, last NYE was when our relationship pretty much started again.  Probably because I wowed him with an amazing dinner of Filet stuffed with lobster and asparagus.

We’re partaking in the same type of festivities again this year, a low-key night at home with delicious food, and I’m trying to decide what to make.  I’m thinking a simple roasted chicken, perhaps this recipe 😉 with mashed potatoes.  Who knows though, I am open to suggestions.

Then last night on a whim, I logged on to Frontier to check flight prices and managed to score my ticket to Wisconsin for President’s Day weekend for only $157.  I checked again this morning just out of curiosity, back up to $272.  Kelly for the win!  I also applied and was approved for a Frontier Master Card, because that’s just what I need.  Oh well, at least now my spending will give me frequent flyer miles, and maybe I’ll be able to afford my flight to Vegas in April.

I’m thinking about making my return to working out today, ya know, since I managed all of 4 workouts during my two-week vacation.  Oops.  I have my clothes, now it’s just a matter of whether I’ll have the motivation to drag myself across the street.  If today at work is as boring as yesterday, there’s a good chance.  Unless of course I manage to find the entire Tarzan movie on You Tube, yesterday I could only find parts 1-3.

Anyone doing anything crazy for NYE?  Or like me, are you going to be a bum in your pajamas with a straw in your bottle of wine?



11 Responses

  1. The only way I EVER spend NYE is on the couch in my jammies. Since before I was born, my parents have had this tradition of having my dad’s best friends’ family over. We do a big huge meal in pjs and then play games and watch bowl games. It’s all I’ve ever known – and all I ever want to do that night. In bed by 12:15? Yes please. (One year I did Kildares in Manayunk. So no worth the hassle. I was back on the couch the following year.)

    Roast chicken and mashies sounds good!

  2. I soooo want to just stay in and cook, but T’s friends are not having it. Ugh. I hate going out on NYE.
    Yay for cheap flights!

  3. My friend is coming up to visit me and I feel like she’s expecting something exciting. I told her I only do low-key new years, but clearly she wasn’t listening. Oh dear…

  4. I’d much rather just stay in and be low-key on NYE. Even though 8 NYE’s ago is when Brandon and I started actually “dating”, I just am not a fan of all the hype and drunkness everywhere.
    I say go for the chicken 😉

    • I hate crowded bars full of drunken idiots on a regular night, NYE is like 10 times worse than a regular night. I’d much rather sit in sparkles in my own house.

  5. Well, my New Years will most likely include my couch and a bottle of wine, but the straw idea never came to mind. Its pretty genius though, so I may steal that.

  6. I just don’t know how you and Dar do it. Keith and I did the long distance thing for about 18 months but we were only 3 hours away and it was difficult. I know how hard it must be for you guys and just wanted you to know that I hope you guys are closer really soon! 🙂

    • I really can’t believe we’ve been doing the LD thing for a year now, I feel like it went kind of quickly. I hope we’re closer soon too, but with my job and contract situation we probably won’t be. Here’s to hoping the next 2 years go by as quickly as the first.

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