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Almost There

Weeeeeeeeeee! It’s my last day at work until December 27! Of course, I will be working from my mom’s living room in PA tomorrow, but that doesn’t really count because I can do so in sweatpants.  Last I talked to Dar, he was about to enter the great state of PA from Ohio, driving on about 3 hours sleep, and getting cranky.  I told him to try to figure out how to fit a nap into his day so he’s still awake when I get home at 10 tonight.

In typical pre-vacation fashion, I went from having 0 work to do all week to having 30 things to do before the end of the day tomorrow.  Lovely, at least today will hopefully go by quickly.  After work, it’s home to pick up Pumpkin, my 5 bags of clothes (not even kidding) and then up to PA we go.  Anyone have any tips to keep my cat calm in the car?  Our last few adventures she crapped in her crate within the first 30 minutes and cried the whole time.  I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Yesterday I fit in a full body lifting session at lunch, and today I have an appointment for some um bikini wearing maintenance.  That should be tons of fun.  Alright, well I should probably get started on the mountain of work awaiting me.  Happy Thursday y’all!


9 Responses

  1. He was in Ohio?! Just driving through I assume… but I’m from Ohio… so I Get really excited when I hear someone say they’re in Ohio 😉

    Hahaha “Bikini wearing maintenance” sounds fun… *ahem* 😉

    Happy thursday! Enjoy the break!

  2. So excited for you lovas to head to Jamaica. You are going to love it 🙂
    Happy waxing!

  3. You are going to have so much fuuuuunnnnn!

    It never fails. The most busy part of my day is the last 30 minutes. Because people know you’re getting ready to leave and want to fit in “one last thing” before you go. Happens pretty much 90% of the time around here…

  4. Hahaha “bikini wearing maintenance” that makes is sound way more fun than it actually is.

    Hope today goes by fast.

  5. I don’t think there’s any way to keep a cat calm in the car. Good luck. I hope she doesn’t take a crate crap again. HAVE A GREAT VACATION!

  6. You are going to have so much fun on your trip! Have a safe drive back home! 🙂

  7. Jealous of your many days off of work.
    Cats are definitely not good car travelers. Too late to get a tranquilizer from the vet?

  8. So jealous! We actually took one of our cats cross country (about 19 hours) when we moved to Chicago. I think we just let her roam free in the car when we were on the highway and it helped a little. You can always give her a little melatonin in her food or a snack and it’ll make her sleepy so she’ll doze in the car.

  9. They have kitty xanax. Go to the vet and get some. OR find out if she can take a 25 mg benedryl. That’ll knock her out too. My kitties cried the entire time from OKC to Chicago…and it was a 14 hour drive. By the time I hit Tulsa, I was crying too knowing I still had 12 hours ahead of me.


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