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Pretty Much a Hero

So there I was, innocently packing every pair of shoes I own to prepare for my 10 days in Pennsylvania this month, when I heard a cat cry through my open window.  Pumpkin was sitting on the bed staring at me, so I knew it wasn’t her, I peered out the window into the backyard to try to see and I heard the cat “mew” again.  It was already dark though, and I couldn’t see anything.  The kitty outside was distressing Pumpkin, who kept jumping from the window, to the bed, to the window, etc and crying.

I pulled on my rain boots hustled out into the backyard with a flashlight, and almost immediately located the kitty in need.  On the roof of our shed.  Said kitty (I’m not sure if it was a boy or girl) was VERY happy to see me and immediately starting meowing at me.   I’ve seen this kitty wandering the neighborhood before, so I was pretty sure it wasn’t rabid and wouldn’t attack me, but none the less I proceeded with caution.  Pulled over a chair, climbed up on the railing, and stuck both arms up towards the roof to let the kitty sniff me.  It did, and let me pet it and then started nudging me to keep petting it.  I figured we were all good and friends at this point, so I reached up and grabbed it by the scruff of its neck and lifted it down into my arms.  This cat, was probably twice Pumpkin’s size and pretty hefty in my arms, but so cuddly.  Yay kitty all safe!

For your reference

Except Kelly was still standing on the slippery railing, now with a kitty in her arms.  I stepped down onto the wooden chair (also slippery) and the second both feet were on it, it went out from under me.  I managed to catch myself without dying or dropping the cat, but that was enough adventure for kitty for one night, and out of my arms it sprang.  Sigh, it was so fat and fluffy I wanted to keep it, oh well at least it was safely removed from our roof.  (Side note, this kitty had no collar or tags, but I’m pretty sure it’s an outdoor cat that belongs to one of my neighbors.  It hangs out in our yard a lot and across the street.)

Prior to my rescue of the kitty, Tuesday was really busy.  I was in work by 7 am for an 8 am meeting, squeezed in a workout before my second meeting at 11:15 and then was here for the rest of my life.  Not really, but that’s what it felt like.  Today should be much calmer and I just have to make it through one more day at work before I’m off to PA for my extended vacation.  I’m working from home on Friday, but hopefully there won’t be too much work to do.

Darren hits the road from Wisconsin to PA tonight, and I’m hoping he doesn’t have to drive through this supposed snow they’re forecasting.  At least he’s taking his truck.  If things go well, he’ll get to PA a little before I do tomorrow.  Yay!

Monday: 45 minutes on the elliptical, abs
Tuesday: 30 minutes on the treadmill; 5 min warm-up, 2 min sprint 1 min recover for 20 min, 5 min cool-down; pyramid push-up workout

Happy Wednesday!

10 Responses

  1. Aw you’re such a hero 🙂

    Did you hear the Sarah McLachlan song from the ASPCA commercials playing in your head as you rescued the cat? Because that’s what was playing in my head as I was reading your story.

  2. Good job saving the kitty! 🙂 So exciting that you are going to be on vacation soon! I’m jealous.

  3. Awww you are a kitty hero!

    I think we’re only getting 2-4 inches maybe? We drove through some snow storms once heading the opposite way and it wasn’t that bad. He should be okay as long as he drives nice and safe. 😉 And yay for him visiting! You have to be stoked!

  4. aww that was sweet of you to save the chubby kitty 🙂 Maybe he’ll come back if he can get over his traumatic fall with you.

  5. You ARE a hero! I think the city should give you a medal or something. Sorry about the meetings. They make me want to crawl in a hole and die sometimes, too.

  6. That is awesome. I love that you’re a cat person.

  7. I very much love that you did that illustration for us. 🙂 And good job for saving the kitty. Poor thing was probably terrified.

  8. You are so sweet! I would have been scared to death to approach an animal (since I’m sure I will contract rabies if it even looks at me). YAY!!

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