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The Difference a Year Can Bring

On this day last year I was on my third to last day of work at my old job, and four days away from running my first half marathon.  I was also eating lots of carbs and cheese, yum.  Now?  I would probably pass or have a heart attack before mile 6 of a half and would like nothing more than to curl up and cuddle with a loaf of garlic mozzarella bread and some ravioli lasagna.  Oh how times have changed.  However, for those running the Philly half/marathon this weekend I LOVED the course, but beware of the hills.  They snuck up on me and made my tight IT band cry.  For funsies, here’s my recap.

I wish I had the desire to do another race, maybe in time.  Training down here for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler just wasn’t as fun for me as training at home was.  Oh well.  Yesterday I continued my streak of workouts, by darting across the street during a break from the pouring rain and completing a lunchtime 5k.  No speed records were broken, but I did use one of the programs that changed the incline to simulate running a real course.  You know how long it’s been since I encountered anything resembling a hill?  A long time.  It was a sweat fest, and I rinsed off, dried the sweat out of my hair and came back to work somewhat red in the face and probably a little smellier.

Year-end performance reviews are due at work tomorrow, which means I need to spend today writing about how amazing I am.  You would think I’d be good at this, ya know since I have a blog where I write about myself every day, but I am seriously struggling.  How many different ways are there to say, “I am awesome at my job, and my clients love me.”

Anywho, this time next week I’ll be home with the fam for Thanksgiving and I can’t wait.  Apparently I’m making Pumpkin  Cheesecakes for dessert, and Col I have a recipe for Cinnamon Rolls I want to try.  Happy Thursday!



8 Responses

  1. Oh yes!! This time last year I was in rehab learning how to reuse my left hand and finger. Fun times!

  2. I hated performance reviews. At my old job we had to do them every quarter. Not fun.

  3. I’m on my third to last day of work! (Ok, fifth, but really WHAT ARE THE ODDS?) Only thing on my to-do list is remember to do a complete wipe of my browser cache/history before I go.

  4. I can’t motivate myself to train for a race here either, which is odd because there are a lot of pretty places around here I’d like to run at. I just never do it.
    I can’t wait to be home either. A shit ton of cooking is going to go down.

  5. haha I hate annual reviews too! I always find a way to just reword the fact that I’m the best employee and you’d never know what to do without me 🙂

  6. Annual reviews are so awful! I hate sitting there having my bosses talking about me for an hour (we do it over lunch- so at least I get fed for the hassle).

  7. Haha I had to write my self appraisal today too!!! I had most of it done but I had to finish it. It’s so weird, and kind of annoying to basically write about how awesome you are, haha

    I hope yours went well! 🙂

  8. i fucking hate annual reviews. My palms sweat for like a week and I spend all this time trying to think of good things to say about myself and then when it’s time to shine I choke and forget everything and say stupid things like “Uh, I’m punctual…”


    But you are awesome, and I’m sure they appreciate that 😉

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