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Christmas Wish List

I don’t really know who will buy me any of the things on this list, since Darren has offered to pay for a new tattoo for me for Christmas and my mom is as poor as I am, but here it is anyway! Also, let’s remember that the point of making a list is to get things you actually want.  So, if you don’t see it on here (unless it’s diamonds or Yurman or something) I probably don’t want it.  Ok, to be fair, anything from J. Crew is probably a safe bet.

The J. Crew Betsy Sweater, in every color they make it in.  Except Decadent Red, because I have that one already.  Seriously, this sweater is perfect, soft, comfortable, warm.  Size small please.

The J.Crew Cambridge Turtleneck Sweater, again size small, again because I’m always cold.

More cords please! J. Crew Vintage Matchstick Cord, size 29 please!  I like the vibrant flame, bristol blue, and dusty clay.

Michael Kors ‘Blair’ Watch in Espresso.

 UGG Australia Ultimate Tall Braid in Chestnut, size 8 (apparently they run big).

So those are the items on my list if money were no object this Christmas.  To be honest, I don’t really expect any of these things to be waiting for me under my tree December 25, but a girl can dream.  Also welcome are checks to help me pay my American Express bill, rent, or school loans in the upcoming months.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?


10 Responses

  1. we are the same size on the bottom but in J.Crew I am a tight M or have to get a L because they apparently think women do not lift weights, swim or have breasts…I end up looking like a linebacker in my large sweaters 😦

    • See I feel the exact opposite. I love the tops because I’m always a small or even XS, but the pants make me feel like I have tree trunks for legs.

  2. Now I want that watch.
    I actually haven’t even thought about it this year. My family doesn’t really exchange gifts much anymore. I’d definitely like some money. Or a vacation. Or that watch. Mainly, that watch.
    Oh, or the Chanel bag I’ve been eying… That would be cool too.

  3. I think my Christmas present to myself will be a watch. Mostly because I heart guys’ watches and my mom thinks it is weird and refuses to get me a boy watch. Hrmpfh!

    You’re getting a new tat? Hey cool, me too! It’s a hush hush thing I’m getting over break during a *hopeful* overnight stay in my old college town…

  4. I want so many things. Mostly clothes/shoes. Sadly I probably won’t get any of them. Brandon and I usually just buy something nice for our house that we both can enjoy (TV, etc) but this year I think he wants a Playstation 3 so I might just suck it up and let him get it. And my gift is then peace and quite in the upstairs living room.

  5. I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas yet. I’m trying very hard to avoid all thought of it actually.
    I do really love that watch though. I wish I could convince someone to buy it for me. 🙂

  6. I love that watch! Is it wrong that I really would just like some cash for Christmas? Actually, what I’d really like would be for someone to pay for me to go on a trip to Europe or the Caribbean. But I’ll settle for anything from Anthropologie.

  7. I have not even begun to do a list yet and I’ve already got people hammering me (Kacy) about getting one together for my bday and Christmas. LOL!

    For the record, cords are the most wonderful thing EVER invented.

  8. I love those sweaters! I’m definitely going to need to go to J Crew to check them out! I like the watch too. You have some great items for your Christmas list.

  9. I love that first J. Crew Betsy Sweater!! I think I’ll have to add that to my xmas list or make a trip to J.Crew! I like your taste in clothes 🙂

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