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Slowly Going Insane

Things I wish my boyfriend would stop talking to me about:

  1. How he keeps coming up with better and better ideas for a proposal
  2. How he was talking to one of his girl friends the other night about his plan to propose to me
  3. Anything in relation to proposing/getting married/etc

It is driving me insane.  It’s bad enough we already picked out the style ring I want.  He’ll bring it up, and then naturally I start asking questions like, “Well do you know when you’re going to do it?” “Is it soon?” “Is it next year?”  “Is it before Meghan’s wedding?”  Obviously he refuses to answer, or he’ll say something stupid like, “Tomorrow” and I’m left dealing with the whole bag of crazy in my head.  Because, no, I do not want to know when it’s going to happen, but if you bring it up in conversation EVERY DAY I’m going to ask questions.  The man is making me even crazier than normal.

Anyway, sorry for the rant happy Friday!  After two unsuccessful attempts, I figured out the timer on my coffee maker last night, and woke up to the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee.  It seriously does make it easier to drag yourself out of a nice warm bed and into the arctic air of your room.  As much I enjoyed my giant pitcher of iced coffee all summer long, I’m ready for a hot cup on my drive to work now.

Yesterday’s workout was per the usual for a Wednesday, an hour of full body weights.  I switched up a few things, and instead of doing bicep curls with a bar, I did seated declined bicep curls with dumbbells.  I also added wall sits in, because they used to kick my ass when I was a gymnast and I decided anything they used to make us do for conditioning then is probably a pretty good workout move.

The roommates went to happy hour last night, but I am broke as a joke until I get paid next week so I declined and had the house to myself for a while.  It was nice, I got to watch my favorite shows and drool in private over the sexiness that is the cast of Vampire Diaries.

ob sessed


It’s perfectly fine too, because even though they play high school students, they’re all in they’re late 20s/early 30s.  So yeah, enjoy that slice of deliciousness on your Friday, and have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to turn your clocks back!

7 Responses

  1. Haha, my guess is Jamaica! I can’t wait. Even though I’ll be sad when you leave for the big icy yonder.

  2. I love how people our age or older play high school students. So realistic.
    Talking about possible future proposals would make me crazy too. Its something so exciting, and you want it to be a surprise, but talking about oit makes you curious. Its a giant circle of crazy.

  3. Damon would get it so hard. So would Steffan (sp?) for that matter. And technically they’re both like 200 years old, so it’s totally not creepy. I am like a season and a half behind on VD (ha!) but I need to catch up ASAP. I need more sexual vampires in my life. Speaking of, I’m pretty excited about Breaking Dawn part I coming out soon, but why does it take so long?! I feel like I need to reread the last book and Edwards like 30 now. Ok long comment over.

  4. Daylight savings is THIS weekend…ack…thanks for the reminder! Nothing like gaining an extra hour of sleep!!

  5. The Vampire Diaries reminds me of how I felt about 90210 back in the day… I think they were all in their 20’s and playing 16-yr-olds. Great for the self confidence if you’re a middle school kid no where near the rack that those girls had… blah!

    • Two of the kids on Glee are older than me…and I’m about to turn 28. And they play high school seniors. Yeah.

      Wasn’t Dawson, like, 25 when that show aired too? Whatever.

  6. Wall sits are killer! But they are good. They make you feel the burn.

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