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Grilled Cheese Day

I was lucky enough to attend a college that was known for its stellar on campus food.  The three years that I lived off campus I still used my 10 weekly punches (meals) and always ran out of dining dollars before the end of the year.  Even now I still think about how delicious the chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and slice of cranberry bread from Cranberry Farms was.  Oh how I miss my daily turkey sandwich with cheese and honey mustard on a monster sized bagel, all warm and toasty.  Splurging a few extra dining dollars for a chicken cheesesteak and side of fries?  Not a problem.

There was one day in particular that I especially looked forward to lunching in the main buffet style dining hall, D-Hall, if you will.  I always made sure to have a friend scheduled to meet me for lunch on Thursday afternoons for grilled cheese day.  We’d line up outside the D-Hall doors, waiting impatiently for them to open for lunch, swipe our cards, rush inside to claim a table, throw our shit down on it, and then line up for the delicious melty cheese sandwiches.  I’m not even kidding when I say I would put three on my plate, on average, before moving over to grab a plate of fries to accompany them.  (My 26 year-old metabolism hates my 18, 19, and 20 year-old metabolism by the way.  Just as I’m sure my 36-year-old metabolism will hate my 26-year-old one).

JM I ❤ U

Grilled cheese day was the highlight of the week, especially once I hit Junior and Senior year and no longer had Friday classes, because grilled cheese day also marked the start of the weekend and my favorite night out.  Oh Highlawn, how I miss you and dancing my ass off with $1.50 dirty shirley’s.  What’s with the trip down memory lane you ask?  Well, last night’s happy hour reminded me of my favorite day in college.

After my workout, 30 minutes on the treadmill alternating between 2 minute sprints and 1 minute recovery, I met up with a few of my friends at Mister Days in Clarendon to take advantage of their Wednesday happy hour specials.  Sometimes you just can’t turn down $2 drafts and $2 food specials.  Upon arriving, I immediately placed my order for a Blue Moon (switched to Octoberfest after one) and grilled cheese sandwich.  While this grilled cheese was nothing compared to my favorite D-Hall variety, it still brought me back to my college days.  As did enjoying drinks with friends on a Wednesday night.

Did your college have great campus food or was it awful?  I seriously loved eating on campus, not to mention the Chick-fil-a we also had right next door to our dining hall.  The year we got a Starbucks on campus, I died a happy death.  I need to go back and visit… soon.

10 Responses

  1. The nickname for our dining hall was “Dirty Dobbs”. 🙂

    And my friends and I made an event out of toasted ravioli day. We would seriously go back for seconds and then take big paper cups of them out with us to pretty much eat as soon as we got back to the dorms. Amazing.

    I still get excited when I randomly run across a bar that has T-Rav’s on the app menu. Deja vu…

  2. I had a grilled cheese last night! BOOYAH.

  3. Is there anything better than grilled cheese? I mean really, it could very well be the best food ever.

    I haven’t even found the dining hall at my school. Its probably nothing like yours anyway, because you can’t live on campus. I know there’s a Tim Horton’s, and apparently a bar somewhere in the school, but that’s all I’ve figured out so far.

  4. I loved my college campus food! Loved. My favorite was breakfast. Oh my goodness I would eat biscuits and jam and then help myself to the amaxing cereal buffet! I only got 2 meals a day with my meal plan and more often than not it was breakfast and dinner that I would eat.

  5. Our campus food was pretty awful, but much like you, grilled cheese (and tomato soup) day NEVER disappointed.
    Plus they had every kind of cereal you could imagine, and is a bowl of cookie crisp not be a good idea?

  6. Our food wasn’t that good, but there were definitely some great options. I miss Freshman year meal plan. Gooood times.
    Gotta love a good grilled cheese!

  7. The dhalls at my school were the stuff dreams are made of (no, literally… I dreamed about them a few weeks ago). They required an unlimited meal plan if you lived on campus, and most people lived on campus until senior year… that’s a lot of make your own stir fry and belgian waffle bars (the Freshman 15 was no “myth” for me!). To this day, I drool at the thought of monkey bars, and my best friend and I used to load up as many mint chocolate chocolate chip cookies into a ziplock as we could smuggle out in our coats (seriously… you were only allowed to bring ONE thing out. WHO DOES THAT?!).
    Grilled cheese day was the only day every single member of my sorority actually ate at the house. I wish I had the balls to use the amount of butter our cook would; a-maz-ing.

  8. I love grilled cheese! That is my go-to when I don’t know what I want for lunch. I could never get sick of it. 🙂

    The first college I went to for two years had awful food. The cafeteria was just so bad. The only thing that was edible was breakfast. Once I transferred to the college, I graduated from, I loved the cafeteria. It was amazing! I couldn’t get enough of the food.

  9. I thought my college had pretty good food! Chick fil-a, Pepe’s, Subway, Burger King, and pretty good food courts, too!

  10. hahah i went to jmu too! oh how i miss grilled cheese thursday!

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