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Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

I brought a blanket in to work today.  Until I can illegally smuggle a space heater in, that will have to keep me warm.  I refuse to sit at my desk wearing my coat, scarf, and gloves all winter again this year.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

My hair is actually down and straightened for the second day in a row (because I didn’t wash it yesterday) and I think people are having a hard time recognizing me.  I even have some makeup on.  If this meeting gets cancelled again, I resolve to give up on my appearance.

I had a pretty great workout last night that involved a 2.5 mile run and 25 minutes on the elliptical, followed by push-ups and abs.  Yes, that’s right I did not wash my hair after that, and I am not one of those people who doesn’t sweat when they work out.  I’m just gross and don’t care.

After the workout, all I could think about was getting home and stuffing food in my face.  Unfortunately, once I got home I still had to make it.  At the grocery store on Sunday I bought the ingredients for both Stuffed Peppers and Sausage and Peppers, and decided to go with whatever I felt like when the time came.  Last night it was stuffed peppers, and they were just as delicious as always.

except, I also added cheese

Sorry I’m not sorry, sometimes cheese really does make everything better.  I stayed up past my bedtime watching Sons last night, and that show is really starting to give me anxiety.  I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who watches and may have missed it, so all I’ll say is WTF Clay, WTF?  Darren called me the second next weeks previews played, and he didn’t even wait for me to say hello before he started venting.  I’m sad there’s only three more episodes left of the season.

Anyways, happy Wednesday!  We’re half way to another weekend!


10 Responses

  1. Ahahahaa… I love that Darren called to gossip about the show immediately. It’s ridiculously adorable.

  2. Umm how funny is it that Darren called right away to talk about the show? That’s awesome.

  3. At my last job, we had this admin assistant–she happened to be the CEO’s sister in law–who we called the space heater nazi, because she took it upon herself to do inspections to make sure no one was using a heater. She found mine once and unplugged it and left it on top of my desk with a note that said next time she “caught” me using it, it would be confiscated. I told her if she wanted my heater she could pay me the 20 bucks for it or mind her own goddamn business.

  4. I’ve got to have a space heater in my office because for some reason the heat is boycotting my personal space. And I don’t wash my hair after sweaty workouts every day either. That’s what dry shampoo and baby powder are for, duh.

  5. I hate to be cold!! I smuggled a space heater into my office last year and stuck it under my desk. I am like you…I refuse to be shivering inside! Granted we are still hitting 90 right now…I don’t see a space heater in my future for quite some time.

  6. They won’t let you bring space heaters? Who are these Nazis?
    Cheese definitely makes everything better.

  7. Correction: cheese ALWAYS makes everything better. 🙂 My office is actually freakishly hot in the winter (the heating vent is RIGHT above my desk, so I get the worst of it), so I have to wear layers. It’s just wrong to be sweating at your desk in January.

  8. I didn’t watch last nights yet!!!! I’m a few days behind. But after LAST weeks ending, I want to find the bastard Clay and kill him myself! GAH this show makes my stomach hurt but I cant quit it.

  9. WHAT? There are only 3 MORE episodes left! I’m seriously having major anxiety and nerves about that show. I’m on the edge of my couch every Tuesday. Clay. Oh. that dirty rotten….

  10. That’s funny about the space heater comment. I used to have a space heater under my desk and got busted with it and had to take it home. Now I use an electric blanket on my legs all day. It’s SO perfect. I crank up the heat every day and its comfy! Everyone must think I’m crazy, but I’m always so cold at work!!!

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