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I’ve Got It! Kinda

So, when looking at tomorrow’s forecast, I’m not really sure whether to laugh or cry.  Snow? In October?  Seriously?  I once got a sunburn on Halloween while sitting out at a football game because it was in the 80s.  It will be interesting to see what actually happens, but if it is snowing tomorrow my availability for football will probably change.  Sorry team.

I actually came up with a Halloween costume idea, but it involves my significant other, so I’m calling dibs on it for some Halloween in the future.  Even though he did tell me it was “pretty gay hun,” he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Jax and Tara from Sons of Anarchy!  Yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with them, and the show.  I think we could totally pull it off, boyfriend’s facial hair is blond when he grows it in, and if he had a hat on no one would know he was bald.  He just needs a few more tattoos, which lucky for us he intends on getting.  I have long brown hair and an ass, so I’ve pretty much got Tara covered.  I’ll give Darren a few years to adjust to the idea.

Last night’s workout was an hour of weights, and I must have gone lower in my split squats because man are my legs sore today.  I really love a good weight session so much more than cardio these days.  Although, driving through Rosslyn this morning and seeing everything set up for the Marine Corps Marathon did make me want to sign up for another race.  Maybe in the spring.

Happy Friday friends, take pics of yourselves dressed up this weekend so I can live vicariously through you!  I’m hoping my sis decides to come hang out with me this weekend, and we can have a scary movie marathon on Saturday, while it’s snowing.  Later!

11 Responses

  1. I keep wanting to sign up for a race too. I miss training, but the thought of being that committed to something right now… not so much. Yeah, maybe in the Spring.

  2. GAH! My BFF got 8″ of snow in Colorado earlier this week. I’m jealous. Happy Friday!

  3. That’s how I was with New Years Eve last year. I think it was 65 degrees and I didn’t even wear a coat… what? Usually I’m trudging through snow in heels…

    Weather is so weird.

  4. Snow in October? Thats just ridiculous.
    I have big plans to do nothing on Halloween, but I might dress Lexie up. If I do, there will definitely be pictures. 🙂

  5. I think pictures of me and Amy are pretty much guaranteed this weekend, don’t worry. 🙂 I’ve been doing a lot of weights lately, too- mostly because I’ve had to cut the length of my workouts a little. Somehow, I feel like I can’t get a great cardio workout in in 25-30, but with strength I can. Who knows why I think that …

  6. Hahaha I love that you have to give the bf some time to warm up to the costume idea 😉

    Mine wont’ even dress up!

  7. Since it’s getting darker/colder out, I will start doing more strength training and less cardio since i refuse to go to the gym 2 times a day more than maybe once a week. I prefer it that way though, I’m a cardio hater.
    Mmm that Jax is so sexual. I wish I would have kept watching the first season but I kept falling asleep and missed a whole chunk and decided to bail. Bad call.

  8. DH and I LOVE SOA, I wanted to be Jax and Tara this year too. we are kinda there, but like you not quite. DH needs more tattoos and I need to color my hair, but the black wardrobe, biker, and ass thing we got down pat.

    OhandAlso- I swear to GOD if Clay gets to Tara, I am going to beat Kurt Sutton with one of Gemma’s shoes.

  9. He said, “pretty gay” ??? Really? Kind of offensive.

  10. I don’t think I could think of anything worse right now than snow. I am still wearing shorts and flip flops in Texas.

    And thanks for your sweet comments over the last week. 🙂

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