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I Need to Prove Myself

Shock of all shocks, it’s raining again.  September and October thus far have been pretty damn depressing.  I’m ready for some sunshine, crisp fall days, and crunchy leaves.  This week has been mostly uneventful in terms of life and workouts, the most exciting thing was that recipe I posted yesterday.  Although I think the roommates and I are having a make your own calzone night tonight, so that should be fun.

I did try a new cardio workout on Tuesday that I ripped out of Fitness magazine though.  It looked relatively easy and figured it would help ward of treadmill boredom.

Surprise! Not so easy.  In fact, I damn near tripped and fell on my face during my last “hard” interval because my legs were so tired and heavy.  Easy: 4.5 mph, Moderate: 6.5 mph, Hard: 7.5 mph.  I followed that up with some ab exercises on the exercise ball, planks, and push-ups.  Yesterday’s workout was 50 minutes on the elliptical while watching Giada prepare some delicious looking meals.  Also, her baby is adorable.

So, Darren arrives next Thursday for his visit, and despite the awesome fucking meal I cooked him on New Years Eve last year he doesn’t really believe I can cook.  He said it would be hard to mess up lobster and filet, I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there. In light of this, I’ve decided I need to cook something awesome for dinner for Thursday night, but he won’t tell me what he wants.  He says he likes everything.  I’m thinking lasagna, one because I’ve been craving it like a mad woman, two it’s one of the things I make that always is raved about, and three I think it’s impressive to serve someone.  Right?  I would do that Engagement Chicken nonsense, but I eat roasted chicken EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Any other suggestions?

Also, I think this sounds like the best exercise class EVER!  Peace.

14 Responses

  1. Well, I was going to suggest pasta of some sort, so I think lasagna is a good idea.

  2. I love watching the cooking channel while I work out. Esp Barefoot Contessa. More butter and heavy cream please.

    You should make these chicken enchiladas. They are Brandon’s favorite (and mine) and I swear to God they made him fall in love with me. http://stylishstealthyandhealthy.com/2011/02/14/my-hungry-valentine-chicken-enchilada-recipe/

    • Yes, haha she used to be on when I was ellipticalling but I think it was a giada marathon yesterday. I’m scared of enchiladas, i’ve never made them.

  3. Why do guys do this? It’s like, I’m cooking for you. You don’t have to cook it or pay for it so why do you challenge me?
    I love lasagna, so I think that’s an awesome idea.

  4. Lasagna sounds amazing. I think a pasta dish is the key to any man’s heart. Although I am a believer in the engagement chicken. It does work 🙂

  5. Lasagna is easy. I have a fish recipe that involves champagne sauce if you want it. It’s a showstopper and fail proof!

  6. Everyone loves lasagna! That’s a winner! Or enchiladas…always a hit with Keith!

  7. That chicken dish with the eggplant/tomato/cheese on top that I’ve made a couple times is always a show stopper (it’s kind of like a chicken/eggplant parm but without the breadcrumbs), but I also think lasagna is a very good way to go! Guys like Italian food, and that’s a fact.

  8. Is it weird if I know as much about Giada’s family as I do my own?

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