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Playoff Time!

Number of pairs of jeans I tried on this morning before finding ones comfortable enough for an 8 hour work day? Three.  You guys, my thighs, they are killing me.  They are just not getting any smaller, no matter how many carbs or pieces of cheese I don’t eat.  It sucks.  I didn’t even buy wine until Thursday this week!  I have exactly 71 days to get myself looking good in a bathing suit so I don’t feel like a fatty mcfatterson next to Darren.  Help. (I know I’m not “fat” but he is in extremely good shape and I hate him).

So yeah, with that looming over my head, you would think I’d have worked out last night.  Nope.  I decided my muscles needed a rest day in the form of red wine, which I had two or three glasses of.  Sigh.  That means, in about two hours someone needs to come drag me away from my desk and to the gym so I can get a mid-day workout in.  Hmm there’s yoga at 12:30, maybe I’ll do that.  I probably won’t.

I think we are having some friends over tonight to do some drinking and have a fire in the chiminea, and of course watch baseball.  Tomorrow morning I will be up back by work bright and early to get my hair did.  My girl goes out on maternity leave, like next week, so I had to squeeze in one last appointment with her.  I’m hoping they can also do something about the eyebrow situation I’ve got going on.  They haven’t been touched since March.  It’s ugly.

Alright ya’ll, have a great weekend! Oh, and go Yankees!

And good luck to the Phillies tomorrow.

13 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh story of my life…Keith eats over 5000 calories a day and can’t gain weight to save his life. I just look at a bagel and I gain 3 pounds. Ha!

  2. Have fun tonight! That sounds like fun. 🙂 Go Phillies!

  3. I’m having the fattest week ever and I’m in one bitch of a mood. I may not be able to offer much guidance, haha.

  4. I feel your pain. My thighs won’t get smaller no matter what I do. I gave up on them. I just make a point of not looking at them.

  5. The Phillies can suck it.

    And yeah- my abs (or middle area, because actually calling them “abs” is just silly) are what is killing me. Doesn’t matter how much time I put it. What I do. What I eat.

    At what point do we admit defeat? Because I’m getting tired… lol

  6. Yo Brandon eats McDonalds like every freaking day and yet never ever gains a pound. What an asshole.
    And when I was in Jamaica I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of girls with perfect bikini bodies and actually felt pretty good about myself for once. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ll look great.

  7. I like Core Fusion’s leg workouts. Their lean n toned dvd is amazing. Check it out, maybe you just need to switch up your workouts. Have a good weekend Kelly!

  8. Protein every 2 hours. Lots of girls fall into the common trap of not eating, but you need protein every two hours to keep your metabolism going.

  9. Omg, true story. It was a fun surprise to pull my jeans out for the first time in months and find that none of them fit over my thighs. I would like to say its huge muscles from training….but I think we all know that’s just not the case.

  10. I have that stupid thigh problem too. You’d think they’d make jeans with bigger thighs because it seems like all my friends have the same problem. Have you tried American Eagle jeans? I really like them even though I feel way too old to shop there.

  11. I want another parade and that’s all I am saying. 🙂 Scott is the same way. He loses weight if he doesn’t work out. So unfair.

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