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A Case of the Friday’s?

Well today has started off just swimmingly. I totally underestimated the amount of coffee left in my travel mug and in an attempt to chug the last drops, ended up spilling it all down the side of my face, onto my shoulder and white pants.  YAY!  Also, I came into two notes on my desk to expect some projects that will be due by COB today.  Wonderful.  Don’t they know it’s a holiday weekend and we’ll be leaving early?  Ugh, happy Friday.

Yesterday I managed to get rid of my headache once lunch time rolled around, and headed out to the gym after pretending my salad with grilled chicken was actually a delicious Five Guys cheeseburger.  I see a cheeseburger in my future this weekend, fyi.  3.5 mile run followed by some stretching and random yoga poses.  Mainly this and this, because the group fitness room was empty and it was fun.

past attempts at crow, I'm better now

My evening involved a lot of lounging around and TV watching.  I caught up on the first 4 episodes of SOA, thanks to Netflix, and am really hoping they can have the next disc to me by tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Tonight I think I’m headed to Alexandria for a dinner date with some ladies, and then we’ll see where the night takes us.  I got paid today, and am no longer broke as a joke, so I’m letting someone else cook for me tonight.

I hope you all have a delightfully lovely weekend.  Later!


12 Responses

  1. I have not been able to get the crow pose down. Need to practice. I bet the people dumping the last minute stuff on you probably have plans to leave early themselves.

  2. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Have fun! I see some Mexican food in my future 😉

  3. I wonder if I could still do the crow pose? Not likely…

    I see you stayed in last night… lol. At least you saved a little extra $$$ to throw into tonight. Weeeee!

    We shall have to toast to each other tonight! Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  4. I love crow pose. I don’t recommend trying to demonstrate how to do it while drunk though. It doesn’t end well. 🙂

  5. That’s a better crow than I’ve ever been able to muster. Get it.
    I got paid too, and then paid my rent, and now I’m broker than I was before. Fuckkkk.

  6. I’ve gotten good at crow, but still can hardly hold a headstand for more than 5 seconds. Once I almost fell onto the yoga instructor. True story.
    However, I don’t look nearly that graceful when doing it, I’m sure, let alone if I were in a bikini (god help us all).
    Have a good weekend!

  7. Cute picture!

  8. I can completely relate to you on your morning! Mine was awful too! I hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

  9. I don’t even know how to do crow pose so I’m very impressed! Enjoy your weekend. I hope it’s a fun one!

  10. Damn it, my netflix said SOA was too long a wait and sent me something else instead. So now I’m watching it on some website I searched high and low for, ha. But I’m onto episode 8…. eh.

    Everyone told me I’d absolutely hate this season until the finale. I don’t know if that’s why I’m just eh about it or if its cause im watching it on a teeny tiny computer screen, but I hope it gets better!

  11. My office was completely unaware of the let us off early on holiday weekend policy too. 5:30. Ugh.

    I’ve fallen over ever single time I’ve tried to do crow. Which was approximately 1 time.

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