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Stuffed Peppers, and the end of the Finance Debate

Well, thanks for all agreeing with me that I was right and he was wrong.  Obviously I knew that, but sometimes men need a little help realizing such things.  I kid, sort of.  Anyway, we finally squashed the argument sometime yesterday afternoon, and thank god because I was on the verge of running into traffic.  Also, fyi, the wine comment had more to do with me complaining about being fat all the time then the money it costs.  He maintains if I really was upset about it I’d quit drinking.  Ha! Doesn’t he know he drives me to drink?

Anyway, a solution came about after I worked out all my expenses, and what I actually take home every month after school loans, car payment, cell phone, car insurance, gas, rent, and other utilities (it isn’t much).  Then I figured out what I could feasibly put into savings every month and still have enough to live on, and buy things like groceries and the occasional dinner out.  I told him the number, and he agreed it sounded decent.  THEN, I used some of my savings to pay off my two credit cards and eliminate that monthly interest charge completely (that one hurt a little).  Now I just have to keep myself from using them.  So yeah, argument ended, credit cards paid off, and an agreed upon amount going into savings every month.

To be fair to him, I do see his point about him saving so much money and working so hard to do so, for us, while I’m just out spending my money on whatever.  But, it’s not my fault he doesn’t want any of my help when it comes to a down payment for a house, and I can’t very well buy my own engagement ring.  Who am I, Jessica Simpson?  Anyway, hopefully this is the last of the financial arguments.

After my workout last night, an hour of various weights, I could not wait to get home and cook dinner.  I had ground beef defrosting, and some peppers that were quickly approaching their death.  I had stuffed peppers, and only stuffed peppers on my mind.  I found this recipe on the Betty Crocker website, and based my creation off of that.

I cooked up some ground beef, and then seasoned it with a packet of taco seasoning.  Once the water and seasoning was absorbed, I added 1 cup of my favorite marinara sauce, roasted onion and garlic.  I let that cook together, while I boiled my peppers in water for 5 minutes.  After the peppers were done, I drained them and placed them upright in my casserole dish.

I spooned the meat mixture into each pepper, then covered tightly with foil and cooked for 35 minutes covered, and uncovered for the last 10.  The original recipe says to add rice, but I’m not a fan of Mexican rice, you could probably add rice or beans to this though.  Also add cheese, I did not, but you should.  I’m saving my cheese and carbs calories for the weekend.

These peppers were delicious, and after I demolished my first one, I seriously contemplated going back for another.  I did not though, and now I have three left for various meals throughout the rest of the week.  See all that delicious juice?  That would be amazing mopped up with a piece of crusty bread.  Something else you should probably add to this dinner.  Anyway make these.  I was skeptical about the marinara and taco seasoned beef combination, but it works.

Alright, happy Thursday betches.  Have a great one.


13 Responses

  1. These peppers look delicious! Have you tried the stuffed peppers at the Salt Creek Grille? Those are amazing! 🙂

  2. I neeeeed to pay off my credit cards. Sadly, even my savings can’t help me with that one. Thinking of it makes me want to puke.
    The peppers look great though!

  3. i love stuffed peppers, and these look especially delicious : )

    great blog – glad i found you today via healthy living blogs

  4. I just made stuffed peppers too 🙂 Great minds think alike. And I’m glad you guys resolved the financial discussions, better to have those kinds of things out on the table early as to not create marrital tension of which there will be enough on its own. But most days its pretty great.

  5. My goal was to pay off my credit card before school starts in september. Then my balance all of a sudden grew by $300. I’m still not sure how that happened, but I’m not too happy about it.

  6. I really love stuffed peppers. I just wish they didn’t take so damn long. I’m impatient with such things…

  7. Again, it costs more money to be a girl! Boys don’t have to worry about repeating outfits or keeping up with style trends or even just all the extra crap we need to buy monthly (shaving cream, razors, tampons, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face soap, body lotion, face lotion, midol…haha). I feel your pain on the wake up call of budgeting. I heard soemwhere that you should put 10% of each paycheck in its own savings account and it really does add up over time (not that I’ve done it yet).

    Also, as much as it stings, you’ll be super glad you paid off those cards. It’s quite liberating.

  8. I’m willing to bet just about anything…possibly even my own life…that this will not be your last financial debate. Not by a long shot 🙂 just sayin

  9. I’m working on paying down my credit. I did not budget well during my student loan grace period after college and when they kicked it I was in a lot of trouble for a while. Thankfully, I was able to change jobs to a better paying one and now I’m finally chipping away at my balances. It’ll be even better when my car is finally paid off a year from now! I’m going to have to have a stuffed pepper competition between your recipe and Jess’s. They both look SO good.

  10. pay yourself first, not last, let the rest sort itself out, mho

  11. The peppers look good. I haven’t made those in a long time.

  12. I am glad you guys worked it out! 🙂 Those stuffed pepper look amazing!!

  13. […] what I want to eat for dinner every night that week.  Lately this is alternating between stuffed peppers, shepherds pie, and meatloaf.  I decided on meatloaf for this […]

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