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Whomp, Whomp

Whomp, whomp, a Tuesday rainy and dreary day here, typical.  Glad you all enjoyed the few photos from my wedding weekend in Wisconsin.  If anything, the trip solidified my desire to have a destination wedding somewhere fun and tropical.  It was nice having everyone at the wedding staying in the same resort, mine and Darren’s room even connected to some of the other guests.  Less stress, less people, more fun for everyone!

A few things to answer that were addressed in the comments section:

  1. Ya’ll are too kind about my hair, seriously!  Thank you for the compliments, and I too am loving being back to my dark roots.
  2. Yes, the bride did in fact show up to the reception 5 hours later still in her wedding dress.  As far as I know, she had it on all day because Dar didn’t even make it back to our hotel room until 4 pm.
  3. My nude pumps are Colin Stuart, via Victoria’s Secret.  For 4.5 inch heels they were surprisingly comfortable, and I had no problems in them.  I did take them off once I got drunk and wanted to dance though.  They can be found here.
  4. My dress I scored super cheap at the BCBG outlet, and I felt like I belonged on Mad Men in it.  Which you probably guessed, made me very happy.  It was also fun to twirl in.
  5. Someone thinks he needs to buy a house to live in before buying a diamond, so as much fun as a proposal in the near future would be, I’m placing bets on Spring 2012 sometime.  As Dar told the woman helping us Sunday, it took him 6 months to decide to spend $800 on a pressure washer, soooo…
  6. There is no six, but I hate ending on an odd number.

Somehow I made it through my word day yesterday without falling asleep, it was a miracle.  I did not, however, get a workout in.  Those will resume today, hopefully.  My night was not very exciting either.  It involved crawling into my bed at 7 pm and watching a few hours of Mad Men before passing out.  It also involved a lot of text messages to Darren about how much our situation sucks.  The first few days home after a visit are always the worst… whomp, whomp.

Luckily I have another busy weekend ahead of me to keep my mind off of it.  My good friend Michelle is having her bridal shower/bachelorette party this weekend and I am pumped.  I haven’t seen my friends from home since I was there at Easter, so this should be a lot of fun.  Another exhausting weekend of travel, but worth it.

I hope you all have a lovely day.  Bye.

19 Responses

  1. I agree that the first fews day are the worst. Keith and I did long distance for a year and then even 3 months after we got married. He was living in Dallas (about 3 hours north of Austin) and the gym he was going to work for in Austin was being built and they kept getting delayed. It was awful and yet we still saw one another every weekend. I honestly feel for you because I can’t imagine going months without seeing the one I loved. But you are doing really great and especially not just sitting at home week after week wallowing…believe me that takes effort. It won’t be forever! Hang in there!

    • Ugh, that is awful! I can’t imagine having to do it after being married. This stretch is going to be the worst, because we don’t know exactly when he’s coming yet and it will be almost 10 weeks instead of six most likely.

  2. We did the house before the ring too. It’s all good. And even though he takes a long time deciding on purchases, I bet they are ALWAYS good decisions 🙂

  3. I wonder if Rod will play destination weddings? hmmmm

  4. I know how you feel about coming back from seeing the bf. I felt the same way when Scott would fly back to IL or I’d head back to PA. Sounds like you’ve got an awesome weekend ahead!

  5. I know a couple people that are doing destination weddings specifically so less people will come. I kind of think its genius. 🙂

  6. Having Don Draper to keep you occupied is a good strategy. Draper that shit!
    Hope your Tuesday only minimally sucks today, haha!

  7. Long distance is so hard sometimes, especially when you’re a needy biatch like me 🙂
    But it also results in crazy back bruises, soooo….

  8. Ah yes, the effect that damn show has on wardrobe is insane. I seriously seek out clothes that I think Betty Draper would wear. I’ve always loved 60s fashion, so the fact that Mad Men is bringing a lot of those styles back is making me super happy.

    I also feel tres chic drinking martinis now – in my retro dresses, of course. I’m so tempted to order an old fashioned but I feel thats just a bit too geeky.

  9. The wedding pics are great! Your dress is adorable too!

  10. 😦 Long Distance sucks! You can call and complain to me anytime! I feel your pain.

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