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Dark, Like My Soul

So after two hours in the salon last night, I’m officially back to my brunette roots.  My stubborn highlights required an extra round of dye to cover up, so I got to go through the shampooing process twice.  Fine by me, everyone knows that’s the best part anyway.  I liked the highlights and stuff, but they always faded super quickly, leaving me with hair that was 10 different colors.  Back to dark brown it is!

Threw some side bangs in there to mix it up a bit.  And no, I do not have two black eyes, I’m just tired and don’t wear any makeup to work.  Ok, and now I promise no more pictures of just my face for a while, that shit is annoying.  I’m well aware.

Yesterday may have been the slowest day in the history of the world.  I’m betting I say the same thing tomorrow about today.  I had absolutely zero work to do all day, so I sat here twiddling my thumbs trying to find things to look at on the internet.  Damn you for blocking HULU!  Finally around 2, I managed to drag myself across the street for a workout.

Spartacus workout!  Two full circuits, upping to 12 lb weight for the Goblet Squat, lunge and twist, and bent over dumbbell rows.  Still using 10 lbs for the other exercises.  I followed it up with some abs, because really I just wanted an excuse to lay down.  The best part about working out until 3:15, was it only left me with an hour of work to get through after.  Hooray!

Since the hair took a little longer than expected, I didn’t end up getting home until about 7:30 (stopped at the store) at which point I collapsed on the couch with a glass of wine and a frozen pizza, and Mad Men.  Ha, if you are a fan of my Facebook page you know I was trying to avoid the booze until tomorrow night.  Well, I am a failure, I should have known that would never happen.  Also, if I’m being completely honest, I had a Skinny Girl Margarita on Monday night :/.  Sigh, maybe I need an intervention.  Jk, I really don’t.

Obviously since I have a 6 pm flight tomorrow night, I have not packed yet, at all.  I’m trying to decide if I can pack for a 4 day trip and wedding in a carry on size suitcase.  I’m also trying to decide if the suitcase we have is carry on size.  I suppose I could measure it, but that would take all the fun out of it.  Also, what does one bring to a wedding weekend at a lakeside resort in Wisconsin?  No, seriously.

Ok, I’m off.  Don’t tell me if you don’t like my hair.  I’m feeling sensitive today.

25 Responses

  1. Shoes always get me when I am trying to just bring a carry on. I can normally fit a good amount of clothes, but they always take up SO much room. Good luck with the packing and if you discover any profound tips please share!!

    LOVE the hair color & cut!

    • So I’m only bringing two pairs of shoes, plus the ones I’m wearing to the airport. I rolled the clothes up and crammed them into every crevice I could.


    And your face isn’t annoying – OTHER people’s faces are annoying. I’d email you and tell you which ones, but I’m sure you can guess.


  3. I love your hair! It’s so pretty! I got rid of my highlights a while ago and dyed my hair back brown. It’s so much easier to take care of when it’s all one color.

    Good luck packing! 🙂

  4. where the hell do you work that you have nothing to do all day – I’ll check out the job postings.

  5. Brunettes win at life, so clearly I love your hair. Really I’m a brunette elitist.
    That is a toughie on the packing. I’d say sundresses, shorts, bathing suit, sunscreen. Or is it cold there? Yeah I really have no clue. Good luck!

  6. I love it! I need a new hair style, too. Liking the side bangs!

  7. YAY for dark brown hair! We, brunettes, have all the fun! It looks great!!

  8. I went to TX in March for 5 days and flew with my mom who REFUSED to allow me to check a bag. It was horrendous.
    Also I only packed summer clothes and it ende dup being like 50 degrees all week. i say just check the bag!

  9. I love the dark! I’m going to get more low lights put in once the fall rolls around. I have a horrible habit of dying it dark in May- just in time for the entire summer to chlorine infest and fade it. September? It’s on…

    It’s amazing how I can get a suitcase to become carryon. Really. I will push it through those damn machines if I have to…. all in the name of saving $25.

  10. Ok, no more pics of your face. How about pics of your ears, fingers, toes, elbows and knees, haha. Have a great weekend and enjoy the wedding. Outdoors in August, I’m sure it will be warm. By the way, love the hair….Chris…..

  11. I love your hair! The dark looks really good on you.
    Packing and I don’t get along, so I can’t help you there. I usually just fill a suitcase with every piece of clothing I own just in case.

  12. I like your hair. I’m not a fan of highlights though so my opinion is biased. I wish I could get away with not wearing makeup to work!

  13. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! Umm.. those cookies look amazing!

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