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7 Links

Ya’ll have seen this going around, I know you have, and yesterday Kelly was kind enough to tag me in it.  You know the deal, someone tags you, you write about seven specific posts, and then tag seven bloggers to do the same.  Without further ado!

Most Beautiful

This post itself isn’t beautiful, but the comments, emails, and support it generated most definitely were.  When I hit publish for my Opening Up post, it was one of the most nerve-wracking times in my short two years of blogging, but helped to show the real side of bloggers lives aren’t all sunshine and roses.

Most Popular

Not surprisingly, the most viewed post on here is part of My Love Story series.  Here We Go is my post about Darren and I giving our relationship another shot after three years of not seeing each other.  I guess people like a happy ending?  Or they just think I’m crazy :).

Senior Prom

Most Controversial

Unlike some people I don’t shy away from writing about controversy, I write about my life, and sometimes shit happens.  I think to date, the most controversial post on here is My Side.  If you’re a long time reader you’ll remember I had a bit of trouble with someone making up a fake blog, fake twitter account, and pretending to be a blog follower/twitter friend.  It turned out to be an ex’s girlfriend, at the time, and some annoying drama occurred.  It’s all good now though, and everything has since been worked out.

Most Helpful

I spent an absurd amount of time in physical therapy last year for IT band problems, and wrote a post detailing the specifics of the injury and the path to recovery.  It was so popular I eventually made it its own page, which you can find at the top of the blog.  ITBS sucks!

Surprise Success

Darren is insane, and helped to inspire a series of posts that were a surprise success.  While he’s always amused me, I had no idea that you all would find the Shit My Boyfriend Says, Part I, II, III as funny as I do.  Please don’t tell him that though.

Not Enough

Training for my first half marathon was an unbelievably exciting time for me.  I was coming off of 4 months of physical therapy, rebuilding my base mileage, and pace, and trying to forget about the 6 months I spent really not running at all.  I had some amazing training runs, and one in particular that helped me remember why I loved running so much in the first place.  I think I posted it on a weekend, so it didn’t really get many comments, which is why I’m putting One of the Great Ones, as my post for not enough.


Most Proud

Not only did this post make me proud, but that point in my life helped me feel so successful.  I set my mind on getting out of PA and my mom’s house and moving to Virginia, and I managed to do it.  In Big News I write about how I went from fucking miserable and depressed to landing a new job, new home, and new life in VA.

I would tag people, really I would, but this has been circulating for a while, and I think anyone I would tag (or who would want to be tagged) as already been, so I’m not going to.  But, if you want to do it, and haven’t been tagged, feel free to go ahead and say I tagged you.  Haha, enjoy!


10 Responses

  1. I loved your love story series. 🙂

  2. I remember all of those posts. I’m a stalker like that. Loved them all!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I was tagged and am yet to do this… oops…

  4. Sooo I’m sounding like such a newbie…but I remember reading from your marathon training (i.e., the great one mentioned above), and now that my old running watch is broken and i’m in the market for a new one, what were you using? and do you have to know your mile markers and hit a button for the splits yourself, or did you have a super fancy watch that could do that for you?
    my old watch you had to hit a button each mile to get the splits, and i rarely know the exact point im reaching those markers unless im in a race!

  5. Oooh..I’m off to read about this stalker chick!

  6. LOVE IT!! I remember all those posts since I am pretty sure I have been following you since day 1. 🙂

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