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My Liver Needs a Rest Day

Hello!  I’m back from my beach vacation, well sort of, I think my brain is still there but I had a lovely time with my friends.  It was nice spending pretty much a whole weekend disconnected from the world, seriously we didn’t even watch TV, and now it’s back to reality :(.  I’ll try to make this long recap as painless as possible, mostly because I’m tired and don’t feel like writing a lot.

A fully stocked fridge makes for happy guests, what’s not pictured are the 11 frozen pizzas in the freezer.

So much for our plan to take it easy on Friday night so we all felt good for Seacrets on Saturday morning.

Cupcakes to celebrate my birth… they were delicious despite getting a little melted during the drive out.

Made it to Seacrets the next day by 11:05, and that my friends, is a huge accomplishment.  Waters and pain in da asses for everyone!

Not sure lemon drop shots were necessary, but they were delicious nonetheless.

There were two giant thunderstorms that rolled through on Saturday, one lasting about 5 minutes, the other a little longer.  Both times they kicked us out of the bay until it passed, and after the second our group had dwindled from 10 people to 6.  It didn’t deter us though, and once the storm passed we continued our party in the bay.

Things not captured on film on Saturday:

  • chicken fights in the pool upon our return to the house
  • massive amounts of pizza eating
  • a game of trivia
  • a game of cranium
  • a new game we made up called complete the lyric which was played until 4 am
  • how much everyone was struggling after Seacrets

Sunday we gathered ourselves and made it to the actual beach for a few hours, before another thunderstorm once again rolled in and ruined our fun.  We took cover at the Rusty Rudder for lunch to try to wait it out, but were unsuccessful, instead we watched tons of boat drama as the storm raged.

If I told you Sunday night involved three games of Trivial Pursuit, and two games of Family Feud and you picture a wholesome night of fun, you’d be wrong.  We ran out of booze and resulted to drinking Smirnoff straight, from a bowl, with a ladle.  Which probably explains pictures like this:

Laughing so hard I couldn’t stand up.  But yes, real life Family Feud takes my prize as the most fun game of the weekend, despite the fact that my “family” The Pitbull’s, was robbed!  The vodka had a specific role at one point, something about you take a sip when you get a strike, eventually it was just passed around for fun.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, probably why everything seemed so funny, and no one could stop laughing.  Anyway, yesterday everyone that was left packed up and hit the road to home, except for me and Dani.  We weren’t quite ready to bid farewell to the beach, so we spent a few last hours reading by the ocean before enjoying a Snow Crab leg feast at Crabby Dick’s and heading home.

We made it back to VA around 9:30 last night, and thus ended the final part of my birthday celebrations.  It was a good one, so I’m hoping the year is up to par.  And hey, it’s already Tuesday!

17 Responses

  1. Drinking + board games = amazingness. And I have major tan envy.

  2. What a fun trip, and how are you even functioning after that vodka soup?!
    I get like 3 day hangovers anymore when I go hard like that, just another perk of the good old late 20’s 😉

    • I don’t know, for some reason hangovers don’t seem to exist at the beach… I think it’s because you’re never sober for long enough for them to set in.

  3. What a fun birthday celebration! Seacrets looks like so much fun! I’ve never been there before. I’m going to have to change that 🙂

  4. Looks like an awesome time. Love the vodka out of a bowl, very resourceful.

  5. hahahaha I LOVE that you were drinking vodka with a ladle. Thats fantastic.

  6. Not even the weather could stop you!

    That, my friend, is dedication. Love it!

  7. That looks like a fun time! I want to try vodka soup. Think of all the different combinations you could have…

  8. Sounds like fun. And are there shoes in the fridge?!

  9. How fun!!! Definitely looks like a great way to celebrate your birthday!!

  10. You are so my hero for the stocked fridge. LOVE IT!

  11. Pretty sure Lemon Drops are ALWAYS necessary 🙂

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