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Just a Little Help

Oh hello, how are you all today?  Still crippled over here, even my armpit hurts, waaaah.  Yesterday I attempted to workout, and wanted to cry the entire 40 minutes I was on the elliptical.  I’m hoping this soreness goes away by tomorrow just in time for me to do the workout again and cause severe pain for the weekend.  I’ll probably end up on the elliptical again today watching the World Cup game at lunch time.  Go USA!

Last night when I was cooking dinner, I found myself faced with yet another zucchini and yellow squash to use up before they went bad.  Now don’t get me wrong, those are two of my favorite summer time veggies, but I just couldn’t face them one more time roasted or grilled.  I ended up peeling both into strips and throwing them in a pan with some olive oil, salt and pepper to saute.  This was still sounding super boring to me, so at the last minute I transferred everything to a casserole dish, mixed it with marinara, topped with some cheese, and threw it into the oven.  I’ve made zucchini and yellow squash lasagna before, so I didn’t think this would end up a complete disaster.  I was right.

Blurry iPhone picture, but you get the idea.  Served with a piece of BBQ chicken, a weird combo for sure, but it was good, and a lot less boring than plain roasted veggies.  After dinner I actually got to chat with my boyfriend for a little while (his hours are insane in the summer) and got into an interesting discussion.

Apparently that day at work, he was brainstorming proposal ideas (I wish he wouldn’t tell me these things) and running them by his guys, and thought he had come up with some good ones.  Now, knowing Dar is a little, umm over the top, I managed to slip it into the convo that I think intimate proposals are a lot more special and what I would prefer.  He was surprised and then said, “well I guess I can tell you about what I thought was a good idea then”.  Long story short, baseball stadium surprise proposal.  I was like, nope no way, I would die of embarrassment with all those people there, much more low- key please.  He was like, ok well I’m glad we had this chat.  Men, sometimes they need just a little help.

So yeah, ladies if you’re married/engaged how’d your man propose, if you’re not, how would you want him to?  I wouldn’t mind if a few close friends and family were there, but 65,000 strangers, no thanks!

28 Responses

  1. Keith and I had gone on a trip to Mississippi (we had a friend who had a house on the beach) and on July 3rd under the fireworks on the beach he got down on one knee and proposed. We were with a group of people but he had suggested we take a walk so we could be alone. I was totally 100% shocked but it was the perfect proposal!

  2. Adding marinara to veggies has been the most recent way I’ve been switching it up. Because yeah- I can only roast them so many times before I’m bored.

  3. That lasagna looks delicious! 🙂 I have my proposal story on my blog. It was low-key and just the two of us. I was very surprised.

  4. I was in my P.J.’s, packing the night before we left for Hawaii on vacation (hair in a messy ponytail, smeared make-up/greasy/sweaty, b/c I hadn’t had a chance to shower yet) and Cory came in with a new Coach clutch to give me for my “birthday present” and he opened it up, took the ring out, and got down on one knee and proposed. I figured if he could propose to me when I looked like that, everything was going to be okay. I was shocked.

  5. I have rules.

    1. No proposing at a sporting event.
    2. Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT put my ring in my food. It will get swallowed.
    3. Please make sure I at least look decent, I don’t want to get proposed to looking a hot sweaty mess after hiking a mountain or something (an idea a previous boyfriend had thrown at me)

    • Yes, with you on 2, haha. Yeah, I would at least like to look decent, which means we’ll need to be out somewhere because that’s the only time I do my hair or put make up on.

  6. I would LOVE to be proposed to at a Phillies game, but Scott is more like you and prefers more intimate stuff, or at least that’s the impression I got when I dropped the hint. I think I’ve got a long time before any rings manifest themselves, though. My sister’s hubs basically reenacted their first date and ended up on the spot on the beach where he met her and had stashed a bottle of champagne & two flutes where her umbrella stand used to be. I thought it was cute.

  7. I would also die of embarassement in front of a stadium full of people. I nearly died of embarassement in front of my family – My Hubs propsed at my neices 5th birthday in the living room, in front of my family. Apparently every one knew it was going to happen- no idea how I didn’t get wind of this but he managed to totally surprise me. It was sweet, but I hate being the center of attention so it was a little awkward for me.

    • Haha yeah, I’ve seen stadium proposals before and they’re just not my thing, but I like the idea of having your family there.

  8. I think I would prefer a low key proposal too. Nothing super over the top, but still thought out.
    At least your boyfriend is putting thought into it. My dad asked my mom to marry him over the phone. After they broke up. It worked though, she said yes.

    • Yeah my mom was on a train going home from visiting my dad and he just yelled “let’s get married”. They’re divorced now, haha.

  9. You know mine….taking a walk on the beach of Sanibel Island and he stuck it in a seashell for me to find! Love him!!

  10. I’m thinking in a cranberry bog like one of those Ocean Spray commercials. That’s romantic, right?

  11. I would like to be there…taking pictures

  12. Brandon proposed to me in Las Vegas in front of the fountains at the Bellagio with our best friends there, which was amazing. I got to have pictures of it and had my best friend there to celebrate with right after. It was still low-key but was so beautiful and felt like a movie 🙂

  13. My ex fiance proposed twice, once spontaneously at a restaurant and then again when we went and bought the ring. They were both nice proposals, then the relationship went to hell. I’d honestly just prefer it come up in the conversation naturally and not be some spectacle, because chances are I’ll say no and then it’s just awkward.
    I told you he was going to do it SOON!

  14. Never at a sporting event. That is the least romantic thing on the face of the earth. I like restaurant proposals or just walking down the street after getting ice cream or something. It sounds lame, but I think it’s cute.

    • I’m with you, I actually really liked how he proposed the first time, just randomly in a park while I was eating a hoagie haha.

  15. Honestly? My bf proposed while we were on a break from work, just hanging out at his house. He basically just whips the ring out of his pocket. While it was lacking in the romantic aspect, I was for SURE surprised. I think I said really? are you serious? about 50 million times.

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