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I’m on a Boat

I know on Friday I said I didn’t want to do anything this weekend, just sit around and relax.  Well I managed to do that, on Friday, but when my friend Keith sent me a text message at 9 pm Friday night asking if I wanted to go boating on Saturday I couldn’t turn it down.  A few text messages later, and I confirmed that Adrienne and myself would be at his front door in Baltimore by 1:30 sharp.

Wouldn’t you know, A and I actually managed to make it to Baltimore the following morning a little early, and one pit stop for BLL (Bud Light Lime) later we were boarding the boat.  Oh, and did I mention the boat’s owner and our captain was Australian?  I could have listened to him talk about the rules for tubing all day long.  We headed out from the Baltimore harbor to the cleaner waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where we spent the remainder of the day.

there was lounging

lots of tubing

talk about a great upper body workout

and then finally relaxing

After everyone had their fill of tubing, we made our way to a little more secluded area, anchored the boat, tied up the rafts and got to floating.  Eventually we all started to realized we were starving, so the grill came out and a delicious dinner of corn, hot dogs, and hamburgers was served.  I also did a lot of this, because I can only sit still for so long.  There were back dives also, but none captured on film.


We started to make our way back in as the sun was setting, and it made a great end for a great day.  We docked just around 11 pm I think, and Keith, Adrienne, and myself made it back to Keith’s house with just enough energy to shower before we all passed out hard.

The next morning, Adrienne and I packed up and headed back to VA, but full of energy from a good nights sleep we spent the whole trip home brainstorming ideas for the rest of the day.  Eventually we decided on the 1:30 Nationals game, and scored some awesome $10 seats along the first base line.  Sure it was hot, but we had ice cold Miller Lights to cool us down, and we were in the shade for the most part.

It was a fantastic weekend that has left me cursing my 7 am work start time this week, and with an aching upper body, but it was worth it and fun!  I doubt this coming weekend will result in any less activity since my birthday is next Monday and I hope to be celebrating.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!

19 Responses

  1. Your life is WAY more fun than mine.

  2. I *almost* got to go boating on Saturday- but had just made plans with Mon prior. Oh well… one of these days…

  3. Stop trying to make BLL happen! Tubing tends to go better when you have a designated boatdriver, sometimes the BLL’s or BM’s ( Blue Moons ) can impair depth perception on the water.

  4. Ok, why is it I never find myself in these situations? Clearly I need to make cooler friends. 🙂

  5. Wow that looks like so much fun! I want a friend with a boat! We had one, but it broke 😦

  6. Oh, Australian accents. I had an Aussie lover for awhile. I miss that sweet, sweet accent.
    Looks like a blast! I love boating.

  7. I should find boating around here. Or maybe not, considering the cleanliness of the nearest bodies of water. I’m jealous of your life.

    • We used to go on my Aunt’s boat at the Jersey Shore, then she sold it. It was one of my best last minute decisions ever.

  8. That looks like a blast! The diving photo scares me. I can’t dive. I’m afraid I’ll break my head.

  9. my husband’s family has a pontoon boat but for some reason we only take it out like once or twice a year. We’ve also managed to break the propellar almost every time we’ve taken it out…perhaps that’s why…
    Also you look so cute, except for that awful NYY hat 😉

  10. That looks like so much fun! 🙂 This post is making me want to get to the beach or somewhere with water. 😉

  11. Is that you diving? That’s a cool picture!

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