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A Jewelry Debate

Well hello, and happy Friday to you!  I hope you all are doing well, I was, until I just paid my school loans and one credit card bill.  Sigh, being an adult blows sometimes.  Anyone want to help me pay my school loans off?  No?  No takers huh?  Oh well.

Yesterday was a pretty good day, it went by quickly and I got in a killer leg workout at lunch along with 25 minutes on the elliptical watching Guy Fieri.  Squats, plie squats, dead lifts, calf raises, and the leg press machine, my legs were jello on my walk back across the street to work.  Then when I got home after work I randomly decided to get on my hands and knees and scrub my bathroom clean, it needed it and now it’s all sparkly.  Although that was another workout in and of itself, as my bathroom is un-airconditioned and it was 96 degrees yesterday.  I was looking super sexy after, let me tell you.

The economy sized packs of chicken were on sale at the store on Wednesday, so instead of getting three breasts for $9, I got six!  Then I got home with six giant breasts of chicken and went hmmm, now what.  I scoured around in the fridge, pulled out four different things of marinade, and separated the chickens into plastic bags with their bath of choice.  Four of the bags went immediately in the freezer, while one stayed out to make for dinner last night.

I managed to arrange the charcoal in the grill and get it lit without lighting myself on fire, no that’s seriously an accomplishment, and a really long wait later during which my stomach growled uncontrollably the grill was ready.

Chickens, the tin foil holds onions and green pepper, also cooking in a marinade bath.  As with and electric stove and oven, charcoal grilling has also taken me a little while to adjust to.  I think I’m finally getting the hang of it though, last night everything was delicious.  I ate dinner while indulging in my latest obsession, The Kennedy’s mini series via Netflix instant queue.  It’s really interesting, and I have one more episode left to watch.

Now, I have a question ladies.  What is the protocol on wearing jewelry from an ex?  I sent Dar a picture of my callused hands yesterday (again, so sexy) and he noticed a ring on one of my fingers and inquired about it.  I was like oh, so and so gave it to me for something, but it’s Tiffany’s and I like it.  He seemed a little perturbed.  Personally, I wear a lot of the jewelry given to me by ex bf’s, the initial “k” necklace I wear every day is another example.  Although, after the initial breakup I did retire that one for a little while, but I’m not one to stow away perfectly good jewelry and never wear it again just because the relationship didn’t last as long as the necklace.  Am I alone here?  Do any of you, throw it in the back of your jewelry box never to be seen again?

16 Responses

  1. First off, you are my hero. Lighting and cooking on a charcoal grill, all by your big girl self?? Amazing. I have yet to light our grill.. I clearly leave that to the husband. But I am thoroughly impressed. Second. When The Husband and I were first dating (first couple years) I definitely wore jewelry given to me by ex’s, especially of the Little Blue Box variety. As The Husband built up my collection of prett(ier) baubles, the old pieces did get retired.. However my Tiffany link bracelet with the heart tag? Still wear to this day.. Twelve years later. The good news? The engraving that once read “MB+AM” has worn off… ;o)

  2. I don’t wear jewelry from my exes only because the ones I have are cheaper than what the my bf got me, hah. If it was something nice and expensive I would throw it into the rotation. You like the piece, not the dude who gave it to you or else you wouldn’t be with Darren in the first place.

  3. You could always just say you either bought the jewelry for yourself or that it was a present from your mom/friend/etc. I’ve never been with someone who liked giving me jewelry, so I don’t have much to worry about in that department.

    Of the couple of rings I have received; one went back to the guy when we broke up, the other was just a little cheap thing anyway and I sold it for $7 to one of those sketchy “WE BUY GOLD/JEWELS” places and bought a sandwich with the money.

  4. I just broke up with my ex in march and put the jewerly away for a little but it is tiffanys so I decided to still wear it. I think I would still wear it if a new guy comes along too, unless he really wants to buy me new things haha

  5. I think as long as it’s not covered in hearts or romantic sayins, it should be fine.

  6. I think as long as it’s not like an engagement ring or engraved with like “you’re my boo forever, love your ex so and so” it’s all gravy.
    Jewelry is meant to be worn, I say. He’ll get over it- and if he doesn’t tell him he can buy you new ones to replace them if it bothers him so much 🙂

  7. My husband has never asked where any of my jewelry has come from. I just don’t think he cares. I hope Darren understands you’re just wearing the jewelry because it’s pretty and not because you still have feelings for some ex-boyfriend. If he tries to play that jealousy card you need to shut him down!

  8. Um, I have very little jewelry from exes haha. They were always too cheap. I do have a diamond necklace from the ex fiance that I wear pretty much every day and pearl earrings from him that I wear occasionally. I sent him the engagement ring back UPS though, I just couldn’t wear it or do anything with the diamond and not feel weird about it.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it though. Pretty jewelry is pretty jewelry regardless of where it came from!

    • I agree! Pretty jewelry is pretty jewelry. I have a pearl ring from an ex that just goes with everything, so I continue to wear it. I’ve had it for so long I don’t even think about where it came from!

  9. I’d say as long as there is nothing engraved, you’re fine. I stopped wearing a ring my ex gave me, but more because I never really liked it in the first place. I loved it bc it was from him. But then, um, I stopped loving him- so I also stopped loving the ring…

  10. Well, since most of my ex’s suck, I don’t really have any jewelry, so this has never been a problem for me. But I think it would be pointless to stop wearing perfectly good jewelry just because of who gave it to you. As long as you’re not wearing a locket with your ex’s picture in it, or something equally awkward, you’re good.

  11. This is a tough one- If Dar is offended/weirded out by it, don’t wear it around him. You probably don’t have to pitch it if you really like it. I still have chains from my ex-fiance that I use for pendants (threw out the old pendants from him). I got rid of all the rings. I imagine they are still at the bottom of Lake Charleston right now…

  12. I don’t think there’s a better phrase to hear than “He was too cheap” if your someone’s ex-boyfriend. It means you came out of the relationship without huge jewelry payments to make along with student loans and credit card bills. J.Lo said it best, “Love don’t cost a thing”.

  13. I’ve either sold on ebay or pawned all the jewelry my ex’s have given me so…

  14. I put ex jewelry in the box never to be seen again. I might sell the pieces i have eventually even though I like them. I just feel weird wearing them when they were given as a sign of love.

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