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Charm City!

So shortly after I posted on Friday, both the roommates bailed on our Baltimore trip.  We’d already told Keith we were coming, and I still wanted to go, so I sucked it up and went by myself.  A quick hour drive later and Saturday morning and I was there ready for some fun.

Keith and I started our day with some lunch in Fells Point, where we kicked off the holiday weekend with multiple lunchtime beers.  A little after lunch time, more of our friends found their way to Charm City, and the group of us headed over to the Bay Cafe, which was a little island paradise in the middle of the city.

That stage was getting set up for the bikini contest later.  Unfortunately we left before it started, I really think I could have won us some prize money.  Or at least fallen off the stage and given everyone some good laughs.

Some pretty ladies enjoying the sun, sand, and palm trees.  Can’t beat that.

The boys that were lucky enough to enjoy our company all day.  We eventually ended up leaving Bay Cafe only to get ourselves ready for another tiki bar on the water, and a live performance.  Apparently this summer is the summer of cover bands for me, and Saturday night, we trekked up to Wild Duck Cafe to see the Amish Outlaws perform.

We arrived just as the sun was starting to set over the water and the plethora of sailboats.  I would like one please.  I wasn’t sure what to initially expect, but then they opened up with Lady Gaga and I was pretty sure it would at least be an entertaining night.

There was lots of dancing around and singing, and also many buckets of beer.  I love buckets of beer, seriously.  We had a great time and actually ended up leaving before their final set was over.  The 30 minute drive back to Baltimore was enough to put everyone to sleep, and I was out cold on Keith’s couch moments after stuffing some food in my face.

Sunday morning I was woken up by KJ texting me from his room upstairs with “Sunday Fundaaaay”. My head initially screamed in protest, but after a shower and some water I was ready for brunch and for Sunday Funday to begin.  Brunch was delicious, as was the Belini I enjoyed during it.  After begging KJ for an iced coffee post brunch, I was ready to start drinking again an hour or so later.  Seriously, I don’t want to even think about how many beers I drank over the weekend.

Sunday Funday continued with a rooftop BBQ in Canton, where I melted, and occasionally retreated inside to the Buffalo Chicken dip and A/C.  After a little while at the BBQ, it was time to move on again, this time back to the bars in Fells Point.  I was getting tired and full of beer at this point, but still managed to school some boys in darts before trying to make the switch to vodka sodas and failing.  Keith was on the same page as I was, and I once again found myself passed out very quickly after walking in the front door.

Thanks for an awesome weekend in Charm City KJ!  Now I only have one word for you, Seacrets.  I made it back to Arlington yesterday around 11, and then only left my house when I needed to get food.  I didn’t go to any BBQs, and I didn’t watch any fireworks, but I am more than ok with that.  I was way too tired to move.  Now it’s back to work, blah, and the countdown until my birthday! I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

16 Responses

  1. aw I love sunday funday!! We had one Sunday as well – at a BBQ though – not in paradise like you! I had no idea there were part of Baltimore that looked like punta cana – randomly awesome.

  2. What happened to being antisocial? You’re making me feel bad about being a hermit 😦 haha. Sunday Funday is the greatest thing ever, even if it makes Monday somehow even worse.

  3. Your weekend sounds amazing. It looks like you were on some tropical island. I may be a little jealous.

  4. What an awesome weekend! Charm City looks beautiful and relaxing! 🙂

  5. Sounds awesome! I love being on the water, drinking too much, and boats.

  6. I partied too much the days leading up to the 4th too and also stayed home and did nothing/recovered. That’s how you know it was a good weekend.

  7. The Amish Outlaws sound sort of hilarious. Just my style…

  8. Sounds like a blast and the band sounds really fun!

  9. Sounds like fun. One of my best friends from high school went to college in Baltimore and I used to visit her and we’d go out in Fells Point, although I have no idea where.

  10. Sounds like a blast…I am glad you went even when everyone else bailed! You’re a good friend! 🙂

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