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I’m Weird

So the other day as my love and I were strolling along the shores of Lake Michigan, we were surrounded by dogs of all size and breed.  Much to his surprise, he realized I have a voice and train of thought to go with almost any kind of dog.  For example, when we saw two bulldogs walking together:

Me: (in a gangster new york accent) “Man why you making me go for this walk, I got better things to do.”
Dar: Just looks at me in shock

Upon seeing a Golden Retriever

Me: (In a goofy, almost Porky the Pig kind of voice) “Oooh, I’m a dog, haha, I love being a dog, being a dog is the best, lalala!”
Dar: “Is this really happening, are you really still doing this?”

It went on, and in case you’re wondering, Basset Hounds sound like stoners.  Eventually Darren just submitted to my craziness and started laughing at me, although he did still occasionally ask in shock if I was serious.

Moving on… glad to hear I’m not the only one who craves alone time every once in a while.  In fact, the roommates went out for wine last night, and I opted to stay home and drink some by myself.  Uuuh, don’t worry about me opting to drink alone.

Also, thanks for the comments on the dresses, nice to know everyone liked them at least a little bit.  We’re still not completely decided on styles, and since the website lists so many more than the store had, we might try to check out another bridal shop.  The wedding isn’t until May 2012, so we have some time :).

Yesterday, I decided to try to tackle a longerish run at the gym.  By longerish I mean over 3 miles, since that’s all I’ve done since April (woops).  4.3 miles in 40 minutes, or a 9:16 pace.  Not to bad at all, and surprisingly I didn’t want to die during it.  I guess somehow I haven’t lost all my speed and endurance since Cherry Blossom.  Good to know.

I have a half day today, since it’s my summer hours week, so that’s nice.  I also got paid, which is also nice since like an idiot I overdrew my bank account this week.  Probably because my company owes me over $1000 from my trip last week and I can’t file my expense report until July 5.  Yeah, I’m pissed.  We’re switching to a new system, and the last day for the old was June 15 and the first day for the new one is July 5.  Ugh.

Anyway, happy Friday!


9 Responses

  1. You’re definitely weird, but it’s the good kind. 🙂 I sing idiot songs to any pets we have. It’s a family trademark thanks to my Dad.

  2. I think that’s kind of amazing… and Basset Hounds totally would sound like stoners. And for the record I’m pretty sure Great Dane’s have British accents.

  3. Oh that is so funny about the dogs and I totally agree that Basset Hounds would sound like stoners! haha!!

  4. Happy Friday! Great job on the run!

  5. Haha, I think that’s hilarious. Have a good half day! Let me know if you want to get together tonight!

  6. Haha I always narrate when I see dogs. We used to do it all the time with the horses, so I guess the habit just stuck. People think I’m crazy too. 🙂

  7. Ahh the dogs on the lakefront path are amazing! After livig here for a year it is essential for me to get a dog! I am going to hopefully get one soon!

  8. I forced myself out last night. I resisted the urge to curl up with a good book, but I went out. It was fun….but the book may have been a better time. Go with your instinct!

  9. That’s hilarious! I have voices for everything. I even have voices for certain bloggers hahaha!

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