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Yes to the Dress?

Dinner and dress shopping was a lot of fun last night, and I think we gave Meghan a great start to her birthday (it’s today).  Her loving fiancée is taking her out for a romantic dinner tonight, so we gave her a night of fun and laughter.

my bests

Megh is an awesome bride, and has pretty much given us free rein when it comes to choosing bm dresses.  Her only requirements are that it be short, from the JLM line, and the silky taffeta material.  See all examples here, her colors are Raspberry and Midnight.  We all immediately got to picking out dresses, and when I had the one I liked in hand, the girl helping us said, “that one is somewhat difficult to wear if you have a large chest because of the way the top is cut.”  Then we all looked at my chest and laughed.  That won’t be a problem.  These were my two favorites of the ones I tried on, keep in mind they’re two sizes too big and need to be hemmed.

Number 1 choice

Number 2 choice

Dani actually really liked the second one and will probably end up ordering that one.  I fell in love with the first one the second I put it on, especially because of the fact that it has pockets.  My first experience with bm dresses wasn’t bad at all, and I could actually see myself wearing that dress again.

On the way home I found myself trying to explain something to the roommates, but they just ended up looking at me like I had 17 heads so I’ll try again here.  I go through weird phases, one where I want to go out a lot and hang out with friends and the other where I’d rather sit at home and not talk to anyone.  After so many weekends of going out, socializing, and boozing my face off, I have like zero desire to see people right now.  I was trying to explain how this weekend I would love to just sit at home not doing anything or having to talk to anyone, and they were shocked.  They couldn’t understand how I could want to “waste the weekend” that way.  I was like, well it wouldn’t be a waste, the weekend would still happen and I’d still get to relax.  They didn’t get it though.  Anyone else feel like this?  Am I just a weirdo?

Anyway, it’s Thursday, and I have a half day tomorrow, but like I said, haha I don’t really feel like doing anything.  However, Steph is in town again and I think there are tentative plans to get together with her and Kacy?  I can probably get over my antisocialness for dinner and drinks.

33 Responses

  1. Staying at home by yourself is sometimes the best thing..I have the same phases

  2. I definitely go through phases of wanting to see people all the time and wanting to hang out by myself. I don’t think it’s that abnormal, and as long as you don’t isolate yourself for long periods of time, there’s nothing to be concerned about.

  3. My friend Annie did that- she said this is the color, this is the line, make it cute.

    LOVED it that way! 🙂

    Glad you had fun with the girlies!

  4. I love both of those dresses! They are beautiful! 🙂 I definitely want cocktail length dresses for my bridesmaids at my wedding.

    I totally know what you mean about wanting to be alone. I have times where I get like that too. I think it’s completely normal.

  5. I definitely enjoy sitting on my ass and being alone, especially after periods of intense socialization. In fact, I may be more of a loner in general, but that just means I have lots of energy when I do see other people. Ha. I like the second dress better, too.

    • Yeah, sometimes I think if I didn’t live with girls to drag me out of the house there’d be weeks I’d never go anywhere. Haha.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that first dress!! And pockets?? Score!

  7. First- I love both of those dresses, they are very cute! I really like the color and stye on first one.

    Second, I totally get you on wanting to just relax. When you are go, go, go every weekend sometimes it’s nice to just hang out on the couch and watch lifetime movies (just me?! haha).

  8. I love the first dress. And the second dress. You should just wear them both. 🙂

    I get in moods like that too. I have no problem staying home all weekend and not talking to anyone. It sounds perfect actually.

  9. I really like both dresses and both look like they can be worn again. I’m really liking dress one for that pretty raspberry color though. It’s a fun color.

  10. Yayy!! So happy I have such BEAUTIFUL girls in my wedding party…you could wear a potato sack and rock it! I’m loving the raspberry color the more I look at, and getting more and more excited each time!

  11. Oh I totally go through phases like that. It’s usually heavy in the summer, moderate in the spring and fall, and by the time winter rolls around I don’t want to even look at other humans. We all need rest days sometimes!

    Super cute dresses….I’ll have to send the link to my sister!

  12. That’s exactly how I want to spend this weekend since there is NOTHING planned. I have a feeling we’ll be going up to the BF’s family’s though. Sigh. Love them, but I’m just tired of driving all over.

  13. I’m the same way. If I’m too social, I need time to be alone, otherwise I get really irritable. Since I’ve been here I have wanted to be as social as possible because I’m afraid if I don’t then I’m not getting enough out of the experience, but I definitely have to take at least a few nights a week to spend some time alone.
    I really hope we can meet up for drinks, but totally understand if you’re not up for it!

  14. Oh, and I love both dresses – especially the second one.

  15. Oh you better be up for dinner and drinks with meeeee!

    I really like both dresses…but you’re tall and thin so clearly you can wear anything.

  16. I like the second dress. They’re both pretty though.

    I get like that too. Everyone needs alone time, but Steph is the balls so you better hang out with her.

  17. “boozing my face off” LOL

    go with the one with pockets – love dresses with pockets and always go for those!!

    I love a relaxing weekend – I rarely get them but definitely don’t consider them a waste!

  18. I love the second dress on you, it’s beautiful! It’s so nice to have such a great bride 🙂

  19. I vote for the second dress! I love the color and think the fit is a bit better. Shows your hot bod more! And I’m totally the same way – I’ll go weeks seeing people nonstop and then I need a little while to just be alone and not see anyone. Yardley 5K sunday…come home for it!

  20. they’re both pretty cute, which almost never happens with bmaid dresses. I’m in a wedding this weekend and found these super cute dresses @ J Crew on clearance that everyone surprisingly agreed to. Winner.

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