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The Windy City

Well I’m in Chicago, and as expected, my flight was delayed.  Not until I actually got to the airport though, so there was a lot of standing around, followed by sitting around on the plane, we finally took off an hour and fifteen minutes late.  When the beverage cart came by you bet your ass I bought a glass of white wine.  Hey at least they showed 30 Rock episodes during the flight, that was pretty awesome.

Wednesday at work was pretty decent.  I got in one final lunchtime workout for the week, 33 minutes on the elliptical and some core work, and then pretty much just sat around waiting for the day to end.  My favorite part of the day?  Setting up my out of office email notification approximate two minutes before someone sent me work.  Hahahahaha suckersssssss, find someone else to do it, i’m out till Monday.

Instead of actually packing last night like I should have, I spent many hours on the couch watching Man v. Food and drinking wine with Danielle.  It was lovely, and also probably part of the reason I woke up at 8 am today dying of thirst.  Oh well.

Since I was up at the crack of dawn on my day off, I caught a showing of Miracle that started at 8 and kept me occupied and unproductive until 11.  Woops.  I decided not to waste $75 trying to jump on an earlier flight out, and instead enjoyed  a relaxing day.  Once I finished packing, I headed on over to the nail salon and treated myself to a mani/pedi.  Hey it cost less than switching flights would have!

I made it to the airport and through security relatively quickly, only to stand around waiting to board the plane, but I already said that.  The most interesting event of the evening was when a plane that was supposed to fly out to Chicago had to come back to the gates and deboard, after sicking on the runway for three hours.  Some quick math in my head had me thinking that it was probably the 2:30 flight I was thinking about switching too.  Thank god I didn’t.  I would much rather deal with my hour delay, then three hours on the runway, cancelled flight, and other nonsense.

Dar should be getting here any minute to hang out in our room with two full size beds, haha.  Oh, and this had me dying before I left.  Pumpkin tried to pack her baby in my suitcase (she carries that little stuffed dog around the house like a weirdo).  I guess she wanted to come with me, she was a mess this morning while I was packing and even barfed all over the floor.  She has serious attachment issues.

Alright, well I’ll be back at least once more this weekend, maybe.  If not expect a major weekend recap post on Sunday.  Later.

11 Responses

  1. Have fun playing xbox. 🙂

    See ya Saturday!

  2. Have SO much fun!! 🙂

  3. Haha awww! Poor Pumpkin just wanted to come too! That’s too cute.

  4. Girl, setting that out of office assistant on your email is like instant therapy. And, full disclosure, I always set mine about 30 minutes early. 🙂

  5. Awww poor little Pumpkin!!!!
    Glad you you got there safely, have fun!

  6. 2 full beds!!? You soo had room for me jerk. I could’ve been nonexistent for the majority of the evening. How rude.

  7. Have a great time! 🙂

  8. My dogs carry their babies all over the house too! I love it! I hope you have SO MUCH FUN in my Hometown this weekend! I’m rather jealous 🙂

  9. That is awesome. I don’t know if I’ve ever known a cat to carry around toys. Pumpkin is a badass.
    Have fun with the man!

  10. Awww…your doggie so cute! I hope you have a fun weekend in the bonezone with yo’ man!

  11. I was just watching Miracle with my kids, that is such a great movie. And a great time killer the last week of school.

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