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I Actually Cooked

Really? It’s only Wednesday?  Is this week dragging for anyone else?  I guess it’s because I’m so excited for next week, three-day work week, and then I get to see Amy and Dar!  Not to be too lame, but I really miss him right now.  Not only has it been almost 6 weeks since he was here in VA, but he’s so busy with work that we haven’t really been able to talk on the phone or Skype a lot recently either.  Plus with being sick and not feeling well, I kind of just want a big hug and Dani and Adrienne’s just aren’t the same,haha.

Ok moving on, I got in a very nice lunchtime 5k yesterday followed by my second weight workout of the week.  It was supposed to be back, bis, and legs, but I ran out of time so legs will have to be moved to a different day.

Not too shabby if you consider the first minute walking warm-up.  I started at 6.4 mph, ran at that speed for 1 mile, and then increased my speed by .1 every lap for the next mile and .2 for the last.  I ended up at 9.0 sprinting for the last little bit.

After work, instead of heading to my usual Harris Teeter, I decided to venture over to Trader Joe’s instead.  I filled my cart with the things actually on my list, and then of course some random purchases that caught my eye.  It’s lovely when two stuffed bags of groceries only cost $77, and I’m pretty sure I have enough food to last me at least 2 weeks.

Dinner was actually not something bought at TJ’s, but instead I made use of some leftover ground Turkey from when I made lasagna weeks ago.

Turkey burger seasoned with Worcestershire, garlic, and Montreal Steak seasoning, nice large slice of Provolone on top.  I was too hot for bread. That picture is just for these two because they loveeeee mayo and ketchup together ;).  Yes, I also dipped my fries in the mixture, muahahaha.

The best sweet potato fries ever.  That’s the one bad thing about TJ’s, they don’t sell Alexia products, so now I’m out and pretty sad about it.

It was pretty hard to get myself into the kitchen to cook actual food, and I was definitely sweating by the time I was done.  Yay for no air conditioning!  Oh god, I just remembered it’s going to feel like 105 degrees today, send help, or an air conditioning unit.  Well crap, I just checked the forecast and tomorrow is going to be even worse.

Two and a half more days, two and a half more days.  I think I can make it.


19 Responses

  1. I would die without a/c. I hope it gets fixed soon!!

    • Oh it’s not broken, we just don’t have any, haha. Well we have four window units, one for each bedroom and one for the living room.

      • The place I lived in before my current solo apartment had two window units- one in the living room and one in my ROOMMATE’s room. I totally got jipped. Because yeah, those window units are awful at getting the cool air to circulate.

        Did I mention my roommate often kept her door closed as to preserve all the cool air for herself? She was a winner…

      • Well that’s crap, at least all of our bedrooms have units.

  2. I am mesmorized by how ripped that chick in the last two photos is!!! She would straight up kill me in a fight. Not that I just go around fighting people…haha

  3. Boo to this heat wave! I can’t imagine not having functioning AC in weather like this.

  4. oh man – no AC?!

    Great workout – love the idea of starting at 6.3 and just going up .1 each lap – going to try it thanks to you!

  5. I can not imaging dealing with that kind of heat and no AC. I’d pretty much be in my underwear, in front of a fan all day long.

    And yes, this week is taking forever. I totally thought it was Thursday when I woke up. That was such a letdown.

  6. I’m obsessed with Trader Joe’s, but they definitely don’t carry all the brands I like.
    This week is definitely dragging by, and made less exciting by the fact that I’m probably going to have to work this weekend.

  7. I was wondering how people were handling the heat who don’t typically have air conditioners. I can’t imagine not having AC but then again you can’t live in Texas without central AC.

  8. This heat is insane! I actually like it though.

    I’m craving a turkey burger now!

  9. Ugh, no AC??

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