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Heavy Lifting

Thanks for the great recipes yesterday guys!  It seems we all are excited for the start of summer bbq season.  So after discussing with my sister the nurse and our friend Google, we’ve come to the conclusion that I was probably suffering from sun poisoning and wasn’t actually hungover.  Which explains why my feelings of death lasted into Monday.  Good to know.

Last night I returned to the gym and did a 60 minute spin class followed by an upper body workout.  Spin was super hard, and my legs were burning by the end.  This instructor is a slave driver and wants you to keep your RPMs at 75 while on a 17 resistance.  Yeah that’s difficult, and we never drop below 11, I was jello after.  Upper body workout looked like this.

Dumbell Curls

Set 1: 12 x 15 lbs
Set 2: 12 x 15 lbs
Set 3: 12 x 15 lbs

Tricep Kickbacks

Set 1: 12 x 10 lbs
Set 2: 12 x 10 lbs
Set 3: 12 x 10 lbs

One Arm Dumbell Row

Set 1: 12 x 20 lbs (upped my weight!)
Set 2: 12 x 20 lbs
Set 3: 12 x 20 lbs

Bench Press, Dumbells, Inclined

Set 1: 12 x 15 lbs
Set 2: 12 x 15 lbs
Set 3: 12 x 15 lbs

Needless to say I was famished after my workout and headed home to sweat (literally, there’s no ac in my kitchen) over the stove and make dinner.  When I was at the store on Sunday, I picked up the ingredients for my favorite salad of all time and couldn’t wait to stuff it in my face.

That bowl is bigger than my head, btw.  About half a head of iceburg lettuce, half a tomato, ground beef, Mexican cheese, a scoop of sour cream, some crushed up tortilla chips, and fat free Katalina dressing. It was delicious, and not surprisingly, also what I’ll be eating for dinner for the next three nights :).  You people who use greek yogurt instead of sour cream, I don’t get you, there is no substitute.  Sorry. (I’m not really sorry)

Anyway, it’s Wednesday, which is nice especially since I get to leave early on Friday and have Monday off, yay.  I have my fitness assessment/orientation/tour of the new gym today after work.  I’m pretty pumped to be able to use it finally.  Hopefully it’s nice and the classes start soon.  Alright, I’m out, later biotches.

13 Responses

  1. Spinning is brutal. Those chicks who can do it and still look cute in their Lululemon just blow my mind.

    Funny story – one time I tried to serve a taco dinner to my parents, using yogurt as a sub for sour cream, and my dad tried it and got very mad. He didn’t quite say “What is this shit?!” but that is what his face said. So, yeah, no fake healthy stuff for us either.

  2. That salad looks so good. I won’t lie, I totally use greek yogurt as a substitute, but that’s only because I never remember to buy sour cream. Still, there are some places where greek yogurt will not cut it. That’s when I take a quick trip to my parents refrigerator.

  3. You have been KILLING it at the gym lately. I’m impressed. And jealous.

  4. I love sour cream. Totally forgot all about Catalina dressing though. I used to LOVE it.
    Awesome workout. I’m thinking about giving a spin another go at my new gym, but it kind of terrifies me a lot.

  5. I like that upper body workout. Efficient and to the point. The salad sounds tasty. Kinda like a taco salad without all the fattening crap. YUM!

  6. That spin class sounds like hell but I’m sure you feel amazing when it’s over. I haven’t been to spin in forever but have been craving it lately for some reason. However I will most definitely be dropping below 11 and that I can promise.

  7. I just saw your crazy burn!! I hope that your back is feeling better!! It looks like you got in a great workout. I miss spinning!

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