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Sweat, Baby, Sweat

This morning on my way into work I rocked out to the Adele CD the whole time.  It’s my new favorite, especially this song.

Last night I hit the gym for my weekly spin class, since it was Tuesday it was the class more focused on hill climbs and high resistance instead of fast sprints.  It was hard, but miraculously didn’t bother my quad too much.  I think it was made even harder due to the fact that the a/c is broken yet again in the spin room.  It was 76 degrees with no circulating air, I am not exaggerating when I say there was a puddle of sweat on the floor surrounding my bike.  So sexy.  After spin I did this upper body workout.

I liked it, but I think next week I’ll throw in some of the other upper body things I was doing on my own.  Tonight a bunch of us are heading to happy hour to celebrate Adrienne’s birth, so no workout will be happening, unless you count exercising my liver.

Random thought of the day, is anyone wondering why the hell they sang that ridiculously awful song Friday on Glee last night?  Lea Michelle however, killed Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts.  That is all.

Still eating lasagna for dinner, and since I only have one more night of eating dinner in VA before I head to Villanova for the weekend, some of it will definitely be getting frozen.  Which is probably for the best, because as much as I love lasagna, 4 nights of it in a row for dinner is about all I can take.  Plus I have the makings for my favorite Chicken Lo Mein recipe hanging out in the pantry waiting to be used and calling my name.

Also, my burn still hurts like a bitch.  Happy Wednesday.

21 Responses

  1. I think I’m the only person in the world who never got into Glee. I’m weird.

    I freeze pretty much every other big meal I make. Because yeah- after 2 or 3 meals, I’m over it.

  2. I never got into Glee either. At least Amy’s not alone. 🙂
    I do add the songs to my ipod though.

    I want to try a spin class so bad, but Im terrified.

  3. I AM into Glee (so hard too, I have like 3 of the soundtracks, such a dork..) and TOTALLY agree with both statements, but would also like to say I thought the Adele duet was “meh”. I sort of thought the whole episode was “meh.”
    Also I can’t believe you did spin with no ac. I would have died.

    • Haha I have all the soundtracks, so we’re both dorks. I liked the Adele duet before the music and background vocals joined in.

  4. Is that what that was? That Friday song? I had never heard it before and was totally scratching my head.

  5. I tried to get that app today and apparently I don’t have a cool enough phone. So I’m just going to steal the workouts off your blog haha.
    Have fun tonight!

  6. I am not into Glee either. Apparently there are more of us than we thought! You’ll be in my neck of the woods this weekend. I ❤ the Main Line. 🙂

    PS – (Stupid Question) Do you have the lo mein recipe on here? I'd love to get my hands on a good recipe. The bf loves chicken lo mein.

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  8. Have fun tonight! Birthday Parties Rock!!

  9. WOW I haven’t made a puddle in spin yet! LOL The workouts look great – no way can I ‘kickback’ 10 – I use the 5-pounders for that one!

  10. I don’t watch Glee so I can’t help you out with that one. Sorry about the burn. I burnt my forehead with my curling iron once and it hurt like a mutha.

  11. I’m going to go see Adele next month! Yay.

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