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It’s Your Birthday!

First of all, I need to wish a very happy 26th birthday to one of my best friends and roommates, Adrienne!  Happy Birthday lady, I loveeee you, can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow night!

Adrienne and I on her 21st b-day

happy, happy!

So yesterday I learned what is possible to do workout wise, with a pulled quad.  2.6 miles at a 9:30 pace, check; regular squats using just body weight, check; plie squats with a 12 lb medicine ball, check; split squats, no check.  I went to do the first split squat, left leg forward, and almost fell over because it felt like someone was tearing my muscle out of my thigh.  Lesson learned.  Here’s the whole workout.

I’m really liking having this app on my phone giving me daily workouts, especially since I’m not training for anything right now.  Without a sense of direction, I tend to just wander around aimlessly, so this is helping keep me focused.  Dinner was leftover lasagna, dinner will be leftover lasagna for the next 5 days probably, or until I get sick of it and freeze some for upcoming weeks.  I need a smaller casserole dish that doesn’t make 12 servings of something.

Also, my lovely burn is in a really uncomfortable spot on my body where my sports bra has chaffed the shit out of it.  I rubbed body glide on it today, in hopes that my regular bra strap will not continue to irritate it, but we’ll see.  Thanks for the compliments on my hair on Saturday, I was trying to channel Kate Middleton’s amazing locks haha.

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, but at least it’s sunny out?  I’m currently flipping through the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog trying not to  buy anything.  What are you doing this Tuesday?

14 Responses

  1. i might have to DL that app. sounds good for days when you know you should or want to workout, but have no idea on what you want to do!

    Funny—I brought the victoria secret swimsuit catalog to work today! 🙂

  2. That app is pretty awesome. Too bad my blackberry doesnt have anything smiliar. Actually . . . it might, I havent looked. Maybe I should.

  3. While procrastinating doing paperwork, I picked up a couple tanks from the Under Armour online outlet as well as two pairs of shorts, a sports bra from Amazon, a beach umbrella, a 4 cup coffee maker for work, and a sun hat. I think my card has been used enough for one day!

    I love VS swimsuits! They are really cute, fairly cheap, and come in separates which is a must for me!

  4. I fell for the VS catalog- bought a swimsuit coverup from them last week.

    Good luck holding out, though! 🙂

  5. My aunt said she’s buy me some bathing suits out of VS but I keep forgetting. I’m scared for that first bathing suit day. i’m so not ready.
    Happy Birthday to Adrienne!!
    I’m going to buy that app when I have a gym again. It’s settled.

  6. Ugh I am so jealous of your tan in that second picture! That’s my goal for this summer. I’m gonna need to mooch off of quite a few people though ha

  7. Happy Birthday to your friend!

    It’s great that you’re still working out despite being injured. That app seems cool!

  8. Happy Birthday to your roomie!!!

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