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An Anniversary

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  The 5th of May means more to me than just margaritas, it means another year has gone by since I graduated from the best place on earth.

 Instead of posting the same pics I did last year, feel free to go back and read that post.  Oh how I miss that place, roommates when can we plan a trip back?  Anyway, yesterday I was in a super negative mood and didn’t want to bring the rest of the world down, so I decided not to post.  I’m still feeling kind of bad today, but a rocking spin class last night helped my mood.  Either that or the vodka and soda I sipped while laying in bed.

Since I’m still feeling funky, I thought I’d share with you some of the pics Dar sent me yesterday from his job site.  He and his crew just started their huge summer job, which means 12 hour days and 5 minute sleepy phone calls for me at night.

Guess who gets to climb up that 40 foot ladder and paint the chimney, yeah, that’d be the boss who unfortunately is Darren.  I simply said “please don’t die”.  Boyfriend already has a steel plate and screws in his hip, we don’t need any more artificial parts or broken bones.  By the way, the scar from that surgery is NASTY, ask Amy, she’s seen it.  So yeah, the have a whole neighborhood of those condos to paint this summer, sounds fun right?  I’m thinking once summer temps set in, it will be significantly less fun.

So, I’m once again calorie counting, to try to figure out where I’m getting excess calories that are making my pants so tight.  I downloaded the Daily Burn ap for my iPhone which is giving me a calorie allotment of 1551-1801 a day.  It also suggests workouts to do to help you reach your goal, which for me is to drop about 10 lbs.  I think my  main problem is I’m overestimating how much I’m burning, and underestimating how much I’m taking in.  Hopefully if I can get a handle on the numbers I’ll  have some success in the weight loss department.

Anyone have plans for Cinco de Mayo?  Do you all still miss college as much as I do?


20 Responses

  1. You have a brave boyfriend. Ladders scare the crap out of me.

  2. I totally didn’t realize it was CDM and was wondering why all the bloggers were making Mexican food. Haha.

    So yeah, I have no plans, obvs.

  3. Your bf is going to have awesome tan lines to make fun of… ha ha

    • Well apparently when it gets really hot, they paint shirtless. Feel free to go visit his work site, he has some hotties working for him.

  4. No Cinco Plans. Miss partying in college, but not college itself. HA!

  5. I miss college like crazy, and I’m not sure I even liked it that much. But I miss day drinking and not giving a shit what people thought and not having a strict life-sucking schedule.
    I might be having dinner and drinks with my ex for cinco. Bad idea…

  6. I do miss college at times, like the parties we’d throw at Scott’s apartment building, but I don’t miss being broke or waiting tables while trying to study for big exams. 🙂

    I had to go back to calorie counting as well. I think I’m doing the same thing with not factoring in the little bites here and there and skipping workouts don’t help. I need to get beach ready for the summer!

  7. Happy college graduation anniversary. Mine is coming up — mine is 6 years on the 15th. Eep!

  8. Oh god. I graduated college 10 years ago this year. I’m old.

  9. I don’t really miss college. Then again, it wasn’t the best time in my life ha. But I do miss HS

  10. I absolutely miss college! I just went back last weekend and I couldn’t believe how things just hadn’t changed, my friends and I picked up where we left off (two years ago!), and almost all the same bars were still there (with a few changes, typical).

    I suggest watching Wipeout to turn your mood around, can’t stay in a bad mood when people are making fools of themselves!

  11. I still miss college, and I just hit 7 years since I graduated… from the SAME illustrious institution as you! I’m guessing you were an 08 grad? ❤ JMU

  12. I’m 30 (graduated in 03) and I STILL miss college.

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