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Out of Touch

So apparently I have a hair appointment this afternoon.  Didn’t I just get my hair done?  Hold on, I’m going to go check.  Hmm, it looks like it was 8 weeks ago, I guess my highlights need to be redone?  Haha I randomly realized yesterday that I never set up my new voicemail when I got my iPhone, and as soon as I did 6 messages beeped through.  Woops. One of them was my hair salon confirming an appointment for today, so I guess I’m going to pamper myself this afternoon.

Despite still feeling tired from the weekend, after all the eating and boozing I did I couldn’t wait to get a workout in.  33 minutes on the elliptical followed by 45 minutes with the weights.  I’m having some weird quad pain, and I can’t decide if I’m just sore from weekend escapades or if I may have pulled something during my MVP day of kickball, so I opted for just light cardio on the elliptical.  That was still somewhat bothersome to the quad though.  I guess we’ll see if it goes away.

After the gym I came home and watched the Flyers lose in overtime a game they should have won very easily.  Absurd, I may quit watching the hockey playoffs. (I won’t really, but that game pissed me off).  Also, I had a really weird dream last night that President Obama commented on my blog, haha.

So back onto the topic of the LDR, there’s one thing in particular Dar does that I love.  It may sound corny and lame and it started back when we were in college, but every time he comes to visit, he’ll spray my pillows with his cologne before he leaves.  The past two nights when I’ve gotten into bed, I’ve been able to stuff my face into the pillow and sniff and feel like he’s still sort of there.  It doesn’t last very long, but it’s a nice touch.  I also steal t-shirts to sleep in because I am a boys clothes thief.

Anyway, happy Tuesday, only 4 weeks until a holiday long weekend!

8 Responses

  1. I love when my stuff smells like boy, so I think its really sweet that he sprays your pillows with his cologne. 🙂

  2. I didn’t get into the hockey playoffs at all this year. Even though the Blackhawks were in it, I didn’t even know when they were playing… sad.

  3. Cologne is so nice. You should have him spray it on your favorite comfy t shirt too!

  4. I used to spray my ex’s shirts with my perfume because I thought it would make him think of me. It didn’t.


  5. Aw i love the spraying of the cologne.. so sweet!

  6. Guys scents smell way better than girls do for some reason.
    Enjoy the haircut!

  7. My boyfriend always sprays a stuffed animal of mine with his cologne before he leaves!

  8. Oh I love that Dar does that!! That is adorable. I would have loved that when Keith and were doing the long distance thing.

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