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Beer is Good

Yesterday as I was sitting on Gmail, I noticed one of my friends updated their status to include a trip to Dogfish Head Alehouse later on.  I of  course immediately gchatted him, and invited myself along :).  Delicious beers and food?  Sign me up!

I had plans to take the 5:30 spin class before meeting up, but of course when I got to the gym there was a sign on the door that the 5:30 class was cancelled.  Typical.  Instead I did 33 minutes on the elliptical, and a quick mile on the treadmill.  8:20, hollerr.  One of these days I want to do an actual mile test and see how quickly I can run one, I know it’s at least 7:57.  Then it was off to meet up with my friends

I’d informed them I was coming straight from the gym, but apparently they didn’t realize that meant literally straight from the gym, sweaty, stank workout clothes and all.  You’re welcome guys.  My first beer was of course the 90 min IPA, followed by its still delicious, but less ass kicking little sister, the 60 min IPA.  I also ate a salad, but that’s not really worth talking about.

I made it home just in time to watch Vampire Diaries (don’t judge me the boys on that show are super fine) while I packed for my weekend home.  Uh, that pretty much involved throwing one dress in a bag and a pair of shoes.  All my spring/summer clothes are at home and hopefully what I’ll be wearing all weekend.

In other news, I have found the perfect spot to search for a rich husband.  In order to avoid traffic the past two days, I’ve been taking an ass backwards way home, and during my drive I encountered some of the largest and most gorgeous houses I’ve ever seen in my life.  I almost drove off the road trying to look at one on Wednesday.  Rumor has it some NFL players live in the area.  I may have to “run out of gas” or “break down” sometime soon.  Don’t tell Darren.

Alright I’m off to my last day of workshop for the week, praise baby Jesus, and I am fully prepared with a giant container of iced coffee.  My drive home tonight starts at 3:30 pm, and here’s to hoping traffic cooperates and it doesn’t take me 5 hours like at Christmas.  Laterrrrr.


11 Responses

  1. We should do a virtual mile race. I’m curious how long it’ll take me too. I know I can do it in 8 something but I’m not sure about a sub 8 min mile.

    Have a fun weekend!

  2. “I also ate a salad, but that’s not really worth talking about” is why i lurrrv u.

  3. Good luck with the drive home! I get to leave at noon- but I’m assuming traffic out of the city will be heavy throughout the day. Typical…

  4. Goodluck with the drive home! Be careful and have a good weekend!

  5. I love Dogfish Head! I’ve never been to the actual ale house, but I love the beers. Awesome.
    And I’ll need to be informed of this neighborhood when I move. I could certainly use a sugar daddy.
    Have a safe trip home!

  6. I love Dogfish!! One of my favorites in Gaithersrburg. What gym do you go to up here?

  7. I hope today goes by quickly! Have a good weekend back home. 🙂

  8. It’s like that country song… “God is great. Beer is good.”

  9. “run out of gas” LOL awesome

    I heart that you went straight in your gym clothes. I’m ready for a beer now. WILL THIS WORK DAY END?!

  10. You should go running through the neighborhood instead!!! It’ll keep your mind off of the run!

  11. I’m always the girl that shows up in her stank workout clothes too, but what can you do, delicious beer waits for no one.
    Also it’s totally acceptable to watch teenage dramas like the Vampire Diaries and drool over the men, because technically Damon and Steffon are like 150 years old so it’s not pervy. The sexy warewolf boy, however, I just tell myself that in real life he’s probably 30…makes me feel a little better anyways.

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