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A New Obsession

So for various reasons, I ended up making a last minute decision and not trekking up to NYC this weekend with the roommates, which left me with an empty house and no plans.  At least that meant I didn’t have to miss kickball now!

Unfortunately, the weekend got off to a rough start because as I was heading home from Maryland and into Virginia, the traffic reports told me this: “If you’re going into Virginia, you’re basically screwed.”  Wonderful, fantastic, just what I like to hear on a Friday afternoon.  So I did what any normal 25 year-old girl would do, and pulled out my GPS to locate the nearest mall.

Lucky for me, it was only 2 miles away, even if going that two miles did take almost a half an hour.  Even luckier for me was that it was a nice mall, with some of my favorite stores, like Apple, and JCrew.  Which is how I ended up with this little baby.

What can I say, I’m an emotional and impulsive shopper.  I’m also now obsessed with my pretty, new, iPhone.  So what apps do I need?  I’ve already got Words With Friends, Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Four Square, Wikipedia, Hipstamatic.  Come on people, gimme some good ones!

Saturday’s kickball double header ended up being rained out, but that doesn’t mean our flip cup matches couldn’t be played.  So I pulled out my rain boots, and hiked on into DC to meet up with the rest of my team around 1.  My team pretty much kicks ass and went 10-0 in flip cup matches, which is pretty damn impressive.  Apparently while we were crammed into a basement bar all day there were some pretty nasty storms going on outside.  I was completely oblivious, and almost surprised it was still daylight out when I made the walk back to the metro to go home.

Unfortunately I left my camera at work, so I have no pictures to share, and I wish I could direct you to the leagues Flikr stream, but it is password protected for a reason :).  I spent the rest of my Saturday with a pizza, and watching Country Strong for the 3rd time.  Yes, 3rd.  I liked it that much, although it was NOT what I was expecting at all.

Sunday was pretty much spent on the couch, until I finally managed to drag myself to the grocery store around 7 pm.  I’m hoping I stocked up on just enough to get me through the week, since I’m heading home to PA on Friday after work.  I played a lot of Angry Birds on Sunday kids, it’s as addicting as Darren said it was.  I also watched the latest Harry Potter movie, it was interesting.

The Boston Marathon is about to kick off, and you bet your ass I paid the $4.99 to get the live stream from Universal Sports.  Good luck to everyone running!

21 Responses

  1. I just got an iPhone too! I love mine and am obsessed with Words with Friends. I also use Yelp a lot, Coffee Finder, and Urban Spoon! Happy iPhone-ing!

  2. You got an iphone! Awesome! Enjoy.

  3. I was 100% against the iphone. Then my ex boyfriend got one. I don’t want to tell him how awesome it is, but I kind of love it.

  4. ooohhhh prettttyyyyy…. I’m impulsive like that, too.

    I was having an awful day the week I went out to the mall to buy a birthday present for my mom. I almost talked myself into a new unneccessary pair of heels and purse… and then almost forgot why I was really there. oops.

  5. I can’t wait to get the 4. I should have an upgrade coming up soon.
    Glad to hear Country Strong is good, I really wanted to see it which is odd considering how much I can stand Gwyneth.

  6. I am pretty much obsessed with my iPhone. Hit me up on WWF [shelbyvanpelt] if you’re looking for another game! 🙂

  7. I just upgraded from the 3G to the 4. It’s so much faster. Shazam is a cool app.

    What mall did you go to? Montgomery?

  8. I love the OPI free app

  9. Yay iPhone love! You definitely need instagram 🙂 It’s awesome fun!

  10. Okay, Okay – country strong is on my netflix list now – i’ve heard good things!!

    I heart my iPhone!

  11. You need the Wiki app. It’s good for looking things up like “Who sang the 1985 hit Caribbean Queen?”

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