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Ignoring the Problems

Things I will not talk about this morning; how I woke up feeling feverish with a sore throat and a cough, goals for Sunday, or anything race related.  Things I will talk about; the positive side of long distance relationships and things NOT to do when in one.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a jealous, jealous girlfriend, and when I went out to visit Dar I had to deal with meeting some people he, hmm how do I put this, had “fun” with recently before we got back together.  It was reallllly hard for me to slap a fake smile onto my face and get the “I will kill you” look out of my eyes, but I think I managed pretty well.  So as a jealous person, sometimes LDR are difficult for me which is when I think of these positive things!

Sure it can suck when you haven’t seen each other for 3 weeks and you still have 3 more to go and all you want is a giant hug, but really there are some positive things. Since I’ve spent a lot of time in the past 7 years in a long distance relationship, Darren and I for almost 3 years, Alex and I for 15 months, and now Dar and I have been doing it again for the past 3 months or so.  I thought I’d share some of the ups and downs and dos and don’ts of dating long distance.

+There’s tons of time for hanging with your girlfriends
When their boyfriends show up to take them home, you go home alone (or with two lovely roommates in my case)

+No one hogs the covers or bed at night
There’s no one to cuddle with at night except that lame stuffed bear you have

+You can watch all the crime TV you want without fighting over the remote
You’re sitting alone watching crime TV

+There’s no one to cook dinner for
There’s no one to cook dinner for you

+In the winter, there’s really no reason to shave your legs
Personal hygiene falls by the wayside

And now here’s just some tips I’ve picked up over the years on things to NOT do.  They might be more helpful for college students than anyone else, but still good points either way :).

  1. Don’t lie and say you’re not going out drinking only to get hammered and fall into a fire-place at a frat house (don’t worry there was no fire going), and then try to conduct your evening phone call with your significant other.  They’ll know your drunk, can’t hide slurring like that.
  2. Don’t put any pictures up on Webshots or Facebook of you hanging on other girls (or guys) unless you want to deal with an angry “Are you cheating on me” phone call.
  3. Don’t ignore your significant others phone calls three nights in a row and then claim you were busy playing poker or Halo.
  4. Don’t throw your cell phone against your wall and break it when your phone calls go ignored for three nights.  That doesn’t really help matters.
  5. Don’t bring someone with you to pick them up from the airport.  They’ll know something is weird with you.
  6. Don’t throw rules around like “don’t wear skirts” or “don’t drink” or “don’t smoke” because they’ll probably just get pissed off and do the exact opposite.
  7. Don’t be a hypocrite and tell your significant other not to go out drinking or to smoke and then do all those things yourself.

Maybe sometime in the future I’ll do a post on the things to DO, but I thought the DON’Ts were funnier.  Ah to be young and freaking stupid again.  Anyway, flashback Friday picture!


Summer 2004

Oh, and do me a favor and update your Google Readers or whatever else you use, because I finally changed my domain name to myverbalvomit.com.  Gracias!


10 Responses

  1. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship, but I still never shave my legs on a regular basis. The ex boyfriend used to use my leg stubble to scratch his arm.

  2. I love that picture and those shoes you have on!!!

    I was in a long distance relationship with Keith for a year and my one peice of advice would be to still live your own life. Don’t sit at home alone because you are missing him. Go out, be with your friends, still have a life.

  3. I loved the one long distance relationship I was in. It was probably my favorite relationship situation. I have issues haha.
    Love the tips.
    And about the stuff you’re ignoring – so sorry. Hope it all clears up soon!

  4. I really need to get that domain name thing taken care of… one of my biggest questions was if it would feed through google reader interrupted… and i guess it does! Makes me less worried about it…

  5. I actually like long distance because you have time to yourself and when you’re together things are usually great. It does get tough sometimes. That picture is cute!

  6. My boyfriend and I started dating when I left Michigan for Georgia to go to school (Go Dawgs!) I’m betting almost everyone thought we’d break up. Luckily, the first year I was down there I had my own bedroom and we were able to talk every night, and it was actually a really great way to get to know each other without being distracted by other *ahem* activities 😉 The second year was MUCH harder as I was living in the sorority house and shared a room with a couple girls. Despite our struggles, I’m happy that it didn’t take too much away from my “college experience”. Yeah, I wish he could’ve come to every date night or just able to see him when I really missed him, but I didn’t let it stop me from going out with my friends and having a blast. Not that all girls are like this, but one girl in particular that I knew let her boyfriend and his issues stop her from going out and having fun with us. I think LDR post-college can be much more successful.
    Hang in there, I think you’re making the best of the situation, you really treasure the time you spend together so much more when you are apart most of the time 🙂

  7. OMG I am very much the jealous type, but more so when the relationship is in the “grey area” phase of starting up. once there’s commitment I relax for some reason, but when it’s just “hanging out”…. oh man. My imagination runs wild.

  8. PS love those shoes….

  9. I was in a long distance relationship for a year and yah its HARD! The visits are great the weeks between are miserable

  10. […] department, the 10 year detailed history of my relationship, the trials and tribulations of long distance relationships, and oh yeah the occasional recipe and workout. I’ve run a few races, the occasional 10 […]

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