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Sigh… Life

Well I’m glad you all find Darren as amusing as I do!  Unfortunately I made the mistake of telling him that, and now he’s an even cockier SOB than usual.  Also, to further elaborate, Darren is a painter so he’s constantly in and out of people’s houses and telling me about their horrible decorating skills.  I think that also helps to explain why a paint brush is sexy to him :).

In other unfortunate news, I’m almost positive I somehow managed to strain my hamstring slightly.  It’s tight and sore (twss) and pulls all the way down through my calf when I try to touch my toes.  Which at the moment I also cannot do despite usually being able to go flat handed on the ground.  Sigh, life is such a PMSing bitch sometimes.  To compound that, along with sharing her wardrobe with me, my roommate Dani has also let me have some of her germs this week.  I’m popping gummy vitamins like it’s my job, hoping to keep this sore throat and cough at bay until after Sunday.

Anyway, so I didn’t run last night.  Instead I did 30 girly push-ups, drank two Corona Lights (ok officially cutting out the booze starting tonight!) and ate tacos with the roommates.  I think Tuesday dinners should always have a theme, just to keep them from sucking so much.  We’re thinking next week should be Asian.

Umm, so I’m not really sure what kind of work outs I’ll be doing the rest of the week, what with this nagging hammy pain and all.  I do plan on “racing” Sunday no matter what, I’ve had enough muscle strains, pulls, and tears in my life to know when they’re serious or not.  (Side note, one time I had a silver dollar sized hole in a muscle in my back.  It felt like a tight rubber band was constantly keeping me from bending over and would snap me back into place).  Yay for gymnastics injuries!

So who else is running Cherry Blossom this weekend?  Who’s run it before?  Any tips?  Like are there secret Porta Potties that are typically less crowded?  Will the metro realllllly get me there on time?  How crowded can I expect it to be?


14 Responses

  1. Do some yoga. That always helps me.

    You can never tell boys when other people think they’re funny. I made that mistake with the ex boyfriend. I’m not sure how he managed to fit his head through the door after.

  2. I’m running it! But I’ve never run it before so I have no tips, ha. I’m also coming from Baltimore so I’m kinda nervous about getting there on time. I will be up at the ass crack of dawn for sure.

    I hope your leg feels better. I concur with the yoga recommendation!

  3. You could always work upper body and abs right? Sorry you’ve pulled a muscle. 😦

  4. We had done so well in training up to this point? Why are we breaking???

    Feel better… and no matter what goes on with the race, be happy you did it!

    That’s what I’m attempting to tell myself, too. So far it hasn’t really worked. Ideas?

  5. Ugh, sorry about the hammie and the germs. Why do those things always happen RIGHT before a race. A week of rest could heal things right up though. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  6. I am running as wll this weekend even tho my IT band has been very tight this week. I think the metro is opening early, so you should be dine.

  7. I am all about themed Tuesday dinner nights…that sounds about perfect! 🙂

    Keep that hamstring iced and be careful! 🙂

  8. I wish I was doing the Cherry Blossom this weekend.. you HAVE to take a lot of pictures!!! Keep it easy for the week.. you’re ready for this!!

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