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A Movie Night

Remember my list of complaints about my new gym from the other week?  Well here’s just one of the things I was talking about.

Hello sunshine!  Get out of my face now, I’d like to run without going blind.  Every day I’m more and more frustrated with this place, the weather and daylight hours need to get their shit together so I can get more runs in outside.  Since last nights run was a speed workout, I once again relied on the treadmill to help me out.  3×1 miles at 8:20 pace.  It went fine, I walked .25 miles in between each of the miles as a recovery.  Then I cooled down with 15 minutes on the elliptical, also fine.

I tried to find a Blockbuster to stop at on my way home because Burlesque, Love and Other Drugs, and 127 Hours all came out on DVD today, alas the video rental chain seems to be hard to locate these days.  Fortunately Comcast pulled through and has all three available on On Demand already.  I thought a little music and dancing would help cure the Tuesday blues, so I went with Burlesque.  Not an award winning film by any means, but I enjoyed it for what it was.  Probably helps that I’m a sucker for any type of musical.  Although, I do have to say, it’s sad to see how downhill X-tina has gone sine then.  She looks amazing in the movie.

In an effort to try and keep Pumpkin awake until I was ready to go to bed, I nudged and kicked her pretty much all night.  She eventually got fed up with me and assaulted my hand.  Biotch. Luckily she only has back claw and some sharp teeth, or I’d probably have a few more battle wounds today.  This is her glaring at me for not letting her sleep.  Yeah, not too fun is it cat?

She had a brief episode of wanting to play around 3:30, but nothing like Monday night. Anyway, I’m once again in an all day training class today.  I swear it never ends, I can’t wait to get away next week!  At least it’s Wednesday right?  Have a great one!

17 Responses

  1. That glare is really bad. Although, are those tvs on the machines? I’m kind of jealous of that. I guess you can’t really see what you’re watching though, right?

  2. Glare is the worst. It always happens to me too. I’m cursed. Hope the training goes by fast!

  3. Wrigley went through a phase where she was waking me up every morning at 4 a.m. She’d walk back and forth across my face until I got up. Now, she just comes in and sleeps on my back, which is much more tolerable.

    DUDE, that sun is horrible! I’m pissed off FOR you. I’ve never belonged to a gym that didn’t make have those screen-blindy-things on the windows. You must speak with someone.

    • Yeah Pumpkin will come and sleep on my chest if I’m laying on my back. I don’t mind that, but the jumping on and off the bed has to stop. The people at the gym are idiots, they laugh when I complain that it’s too hot. I’m like no seriously, if I pass out, I’m suing.

  4. I love that you’re in a fight with your cat… lol

    I think Blockbuster is in bankruptcy at the moment… they’re closing all over like crazy! How do I know? My ears perk up every time I hear the name because I used to work there for a summer in college when I had classes during the day and had a serious fear of waiting tables. Easiest/most fun summer job I’ve ever had. For reals.

    • Despite our fight, she still tries to curl up on my lap to sleep when I’m sitting downstairs watching TV. Dummy. Oooh I bet BB was a fun easy job, haha.

  5. I hope that gym is cheap. otherwise they really just suck.

    I love that you wouldn’t let Pumpkin sleep. Starting a war with a cat is a ballsy move. Cats are crazy. 🙂

  6. Ugh that sun is awful. I’d have to sport sunglasses. And I think netflix and ondemand teamed up and kicked blockbusters ass.

  7. 127 Hours is hands down one of the best movies of the year! Be careful if you’re squeamish though 😉

    I just found out this morning that my new gym does not have AC in the spin room. Yeah. Slow torture.

    • I’ll probably watch that and Love and other Drugs on Fri night. I’m excited. No AC in the spin room!? That almost sounds dangerous.

  8. That’s crazy! They really did not set the cardio area up well at all.
    I’m hoping to get a run in outside today if the wind will cooperate.

  9. The Blockbuster here is closing!! If you go to blockbuster.com though you can find out where you can rent them in the grocery stores. They only cost a dollar a day. I really want to see Burlesque! I think I’ll have to go pick it up this weekend! Your cat is too cute!

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